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There are three viewpoints on this topic: 1) As Catholics, we should not attend the religious ceremonies and gatherings of non-Catholics 2) Occassionally attending religious ceremonies of non-Catholics is permissable for "family" events- weddings and funerals.  Maybe even baptisms/christenings/dedications. 3) There is nothing wrong with attending the religious ceremonies of non-Catholics.   I personally fall between #1 and #2.  If it is a close family member...
Coconut butter??
I shall pray for you and for your endurance. And good for you and your DH for sticking to your commitments with your parish, despite the issues with your pastor!  
Phoenix and Madison are the only diocese I have heard of that switching back to the way it used to be, esp since the indult expired in 2005!   Sorry to hear about your priest :-( I would say "can you go to the next town?" but I figure you have already looked into that.  Prayers for ya, and your priest!
Contact the Bishop's office and talk to them about your gluten-free-ness. You may be able to receive from the chalice at Communion.  However, there will be a portion of the host in the Blood so it will not be totally gluten-free.  Also, one cannot have gluten-free communion wafers, they must still contain wheat to be viable substance.   On a side-note- I would find it worrisome to have a priest that disregarded directives from the Bishop.
DD has an allergy to milk protein.   Suggestions for doing TF dairy-free?
Hi ladies.   I just wanted to check in and let you know that I am alive, the baby is developing fine. Still no decision yet as to what will happen once the baby is born.   You are all in my prayers.   -P&L   PS: I formally enrolled in the Transitus Oblates of the Last Martyrdom on the feast day of Our Lady of Sorrows.
I think a child should be raised by a mother and a father, and that the child would thrive best in a good solid Catholic family that includes a mother and a father.
The father is fighting me on the adoption issue.  He would rather go through custody or adopt the child himself.   *sigh* Time to pray even more.
I don't really know about PA homeschooling laws, as I have to work full time to support Viv and I, so she attends the local public school.  I wish I had an answer for you, though!   Try posting in Homeschooling or Find Your Tribe for PA homeschool laws
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