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I know there is an SSPX chapel in Pittsburgh, but I have never been.   St. Boniface serves the Traditional Catholic community for most of Western PA- the Diocese of Erie only has one Latin Mass, now.   There are several independant chapels in the area, but as far as I know, St. Boniface is the only diocesan TLM that is offered.
Pittsburgh has the largest Latin Mass community in the country :-)   http://www.pittsburghlatinmass.org/ http://latinmasspittsburgh.com/
I have come to the conclusion that giving the baby up for adoption is the best and most logical idea for what is best for the baby.   Please pray for me as I start this process, that the father will agree with me on this decision, and that the right parents will come along for the baby.
Anyone watching the new season?  It's not up on TLC OnDemand yet, so I haven't seen it...
At one point there was an "All-Comers Catholic" thread. I don't know what happened to it.   Trigger- I appreciate your prayers and support during all I am going through.  I really don't intend to come off snarky or mean.  
  Yes, I have been to LT Masses- both as a teen (the targeted demographic) and as an adult- I disliked them then and I dislike them now. The homily felt as if I was being talked down to, the hand gestures during songs were childish and openly mocked by the teens, the music was terrible and took away from the Mass- and I love Praise and Worship! I was raised at a Charismatic parish, so I appreciate that style of worship- but LT never did it well.  It always felt too much...
A majority of traditional Catholics I know do not support clapping in during Mass at any time- during the Gloria, etc. And most traditional Catholics I know do not feel that the LifeTeen Mass is appropriate- there are far better ways to experience the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass- the Mass is meant to take us from this Earth and to the foot of the Cross and into Heaven.
In my understanding it refers to MDC Catholic mamas who support the Magisterium in all things- we do not argue with the Church's teachings nor do we teach anything contrary to the teachings of the Church. ie: We do not support female ordination, homosexual marriage, etc.  We do support the upcoming translation and the return to better interpretation.
No such thing as a "scare".  There could be not the best time, but it's never a scare. Unfortunatly, my own weakness with my sins have left brought me to where I am.  You would think by now that I would now that the sin of drunkeness and the sin of lust don't mix, and I really should avoid both of them.   Ah well... God saw fit to create a new life from my sin, so I will atone for my sins and praise Him for his wisdom and grace.  
It is such a wonderful sacrament, isn't it? I love how clean I feel, inside and out, after I go.  I really should utilize the sacrament far more often than I do.  I find that when I regularly attend confession, it seems to be easier to avoid sin.   Arduinna- even as a cradle Catholic, I still struggle with that!  The Confession app, if you have a smartphone, is really quite helpful.  And the examination of conscience that it walks you through really helps with wording-...
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