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That relationship ended quite a while ago, but thank you for inquiring.   And no.
Other than that I would take the patient and her mother if the breastfeeding bothered her, no. She has years more time with the company and is actually the "lead" at another facility within the company.  It would have been strange to have said something to someone in the same position as my boss.   In hind sight, I should have.
Background- I work as a phlebotomist, and on Sundays I work at the "main" facility where we see a wide variety of people.   Today, a mother brought her daughter in.  I don't know the child's age, but I would guess around 1 year of age.  The child was nervous about being at the facility, so mama started breastfeeding the child in the waiting room.   I was drawing another patient, so one of the other phlebotomists called the mother back.  The mother continued to...
I hate that.
If anyone has a "Charming Charlie" store near them, check it out- they have some ridiculously awesome scarves and hats.
I and the baby are doing well.  We heard the heartbeat on the 21st. The father and I are still deciding what will be best for the baby.
watching the special now!   there is going to be a "Special announcement" on the FB "19 kids and counting" page after the show
I would shake it off. Personally, I don't really like the Sign of Peace where it is in the Mass.  I will take part in it, because the Magistarium has deemed it appropriate, but I think it is liturgically awkward.   As for your LO- you need to move from the back to the front- let her see what is going on!  Who wants to see every one's backs??? Esp when you are that little.  Everything interesting is happening where she can't see it.   As for visiting- she should...
I am due 12/30/2011. I had "12/11" up because I didn't have an actual due date- just dec 2011.
27 year old second-time mama from NW PA   I am having another hospital birth- but this time with a midwife and a much better plan and idea of what needs to be done and what is best- for me and baby.   I can't wait to follow everyone's progress!
New Posts  All Forums: