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because "for us men and for our salvation" is more correct in the original Latin. The whole "patriarchal (and slightly misogynistic) stance" argument is old and stale.    
I was going to say a light cardigan or an elbow-length or 3/4-length l;ightwieght tee
I had hoped to tell my parents this weekend, but we decided to wait until after my little sister's wedding. Plus it was the first time my parents had met him.   So... yes... kind of feel like a bit of a failure on sharing the news they need to know, but I feel better about them getting to know him and putting it off a bit longer.     Prayers for all of the other ladies in the thread!
The father of my in-utero child and I are seriously considering adoption.   Those IRL that I have talked to use the argument that I am 27, not 16, and I have a job.  There is no reason to consider adoption. I just don't know if I am ready for another little one.  I don't know if I can support another little.  I am worried about being able to provide and giving wee one what s/he needs.   Please pray for me and the father.  And we are telling my parents on...
I am going to see Kim Bennett, at least initially.  There doesn't seem to be many options.
I found out Divine Mercy Sunday that I am with child.  Prayers would be lovely as the father and I sort out what is best for our new little one.  
I will soon be announcing my pregnancy to my family. I am sure there will be some interesting things that I shall contribute to this thread.  
I think that is the funniest thing you have ever said  
hello ladies! i just found out I am pregnant, and am in need of a midwife!  Any recommendations?   and please ignore the random "he" that is at the end of my message.  Firefox does not seem to be playing well with MDC right now. He      
Bank robbers are still going to rob banks... so let's just give them all kevlar.  
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