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Dunno if it's too late, but perhaps High School of Your Dreams could help you create a curriculum that best meets his needs and his desires for his future? It's written for Catholics, but maybe you can pick out what is helpful? From the description: The High School of Your Dreams was conceived as Catholic homeschoolers expressed to Catholic Heritage Curricula an urgent desire for a high school program that allows: * wider course selection * broader choice of...
I am quasi-HSing my 4.5 year old. We are using a combination of the Brain Quest workbook and print-offs from First-School Preschool activities. I really like the Brain Quest book because it gives us a "rhythm" to what we do. And it has mini reviews within each section. I would like to note that I took the Brain Quest book to Staples and had it rebound with a spiral binding. It makes using the book SO much easier! I also saw Homeschool Your Child For Free last time I...
I had a suggestions, but it's a Catholic program. Not sure if you are interested, but there is sample of the PreK/K curriculum here. It is a four day work week, with good lesson plans.
I put them in one of those handy loofa soap "sacks" they sell at wal-mart.
I see several other people have mentioned Ikea. We moved from a very large apartment to a MUCH MUCH smaller apartment. (2000 some-odd square feet to about 800). We purchased this bed for my daughter. The drawers are usable. Additionally, the base of the bed actually pulls out and turns into a king sized bed. Very handy for visitors (we moved from Erie, PA to San Antonio, TX. We anticipate many people escaping the frigid north) The same basic idea can be used in...
Quote: Originally Posted by rere Yes.My mom has 3 or 4 of them stacked up.They're not super sturdy though. Why stack that one? They make a cube version.
Quote: Originally Posted by kellykins replying to myself, haha, in case this might help someone else.... http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50103086 $90, can be laid sideways, and can get nice little baskets to stick int here (Or DOORS?) We are using the same thing for Vivi's toy storage. I just have to go buy it when I finally get her and I moved down here to San Antonio!
I have an enameled castiron dutch oven, but that's cause I plan to use it for stews/soups and such. Better for acidic things. Everything else is plain cast iron. My MIL, however, did get me an awesome new skillet. It's the Lodge Signature Series 12" skillet. I hugged it when I opened it. Yeah... I'm a nerd.
Compy geeks and gaming geeks do make the best husbands, and the best daddies! I read an article once about how geeks make the best lovers. Basically it was because they are used to thinking outside the box. And I think the same attitude goes into marriage and parenting- the box is just too boring!
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