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Yes, you'll have to check local laws. Here our youngest needs to be two before we can foster. My personal advice would be to TTC first, you never know what lies down that path.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chamomile Girl I had this problem for years and it bugged the heck outta me. I used to get carded all.the.time right up until I got pregnant. I was 35. Since giving birth I don't get carded anymore. Ever. I it!! Whoo Hooo! So, yeah, I totally get why it bothers you. Ditto. Except a) I was 29 when pregnant with DD but b) Even more annoying, the legal drinking age here is 18! Seriously, I was nearly 30 and...
Just noticed this Can I jump back in too? I remember you kriket I didn't remember you mentioning EC though, good for you DS has far less language than his sister did at this age. I have to remind myself not to compare them She started combining words at 14 months (his birthday is the 29th) so he's only just that and to be fair to him he did combine a word and a sign the other day. He stopped nursing then said "muh" (milk) and signed finished His most common words...
Raising my hand. Although I was only fully vegan for one year but was veg for over a decade on and off before TF.
Quote: Originally Posted by Juvysen I do this, too. I don't lay in bed, but I stare at my computer and ignore and avoid. I get so antsy when my house is a disaster, I just can't functionally get myself back. I get overwhelmed. I have some perfectionism (bordering OCD) and anxiety issues in general, though. and THIS is what I am doing here right now
Quote: Originally Posted by Masel Me too sometimes. All my FB friends will be whining about Mondays and I'll be happy to have my peaceful house back. : I deleted my FB account but I used to feel the same way. Ditto PP's - my children are super excited to have Daddy home even if he is supposed to be working and they go haywire!
Quote: Originally Posted by J2 Here is our "Learning Room". We LOVE it! http://intotheirhearts.blogspot.com/...g-room_17.html I want to know more about the magnetic wall. DD would loooooooooooove a magnetic wall. Did you just put a big piece of metal against it? How did you do it?
Quote: Originally Posted by tanyalynn Maybe doing it at your DD's age is the bigger issue with her response. At that age, neither of mine were into anything deeply enough to want to explore it further than we could with resources more easily at hand. That's what I thought too. Maybe her DC were more easy going toddlers? At that age DD was was verbally requesting particular library books and telling the librarian "I'm 20 months old" DS is 14...
Hmm, not that I know of. Is there an opera house or concert hall in your city or nearby? They usually have a kids or an education series of concerts or both. I'd check their website
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