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I think you should post a sign-up list on a separate thread. 
Interesting. Well my dad was the only boy out of 4, and my mom was 1 of 5 girls, but there were plenty of boy grandchildren on both sides. 
I did too, and they aren't offering it. The NP did mention that the specialists they sent their high-risk patients to are doing that test, so she had heard of it. They don't even do the full-quad screen. 
We did this in my Oct 2009 DDC with my daughter. 
I will have Pisces, Capricorn, Libra and Aquarius. Could get interesting. And my DSS is a Gemini. 
The only one I'd be interested in having done is Materniti21. But I'm 32 not 35 so I guess I won't be able to have it done.    Blanca, thanks for sharing that article. It was very interesting and informative!    I had a dream about my son last night. He was in a tiger's pen crawling towards a pond and I had to go in and chase him to keep him from falling in and drowning.   My next appointment is Monday @14w2d. I will get another scan and get confirmation on...
I have a Capricorn and my brother is a Capricorn. Both are pretty laid back and easy to get along with. 
so sorry mamabell 
Very sorry to hear this.  Take care, mama. 
I'm really glad everything came back normal. Continue to be vigilant in getting your levels and antibodies checked every year. I am positive for antibodies but I have Hashi's not Graves. From what I have heard it is 2 sides of the same coin, both autoimmune mediated. My mistake was not getting checked every year. I should have. Maybe my miscarriage could have been prevented. Good luck! 
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