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Congrats Erigeron
Me too Ocelot. I really feel like I've had to be my own doctor despite seeing FOUR doctors in the past 2 weeks. The only time I've been to the doctor is for my annual wellness visit the past 2 years (since turning 30) and when I was pregnant with my daughter who is 3 1/2 now. And I have upcoming appointments with my OB, GP and an Endo in June/July - I really don't know how to act!
I feel you ... after my daughter I had lingering weight gain, so I lost the weight, started working out 3x a week, raised my HDL 20 points, raised my hemoglobin from 12 to 14 (no longer anemic). I thought I was in great shape to have a baby. Just some niggling worry in the back of my mind that it was not normal to feel this tired, but I had plenty of stuff to blame the fatigue on, so I let it go. Then I got preg and miscarried and found out my thyroid was messed up,...
Thanks. Not many. 
I'm sorry Fawn.  Could you go to one of those pregnancy crisis centers and get a free ultrasound? You'd be about 6 weeks now, something should show on u/s. 
I think our journey of breastfeeding has come to an end. My daughter is 3 1/2 and I got my BFP last week. This is our second day of no nursing. She's fussed a little but nothing like I thought she would. I think it's harder on her than me. I'd love to keep nursing her, but with my loss in March and then being diagnosed with hypothyroidism I don't think I can risk continuing to stress by body by bf'ing through another pregnancy. I even wonder if breastfeeding through my...
Sorry SCJP and Cressy for the hard time you are having. Hope you get your BFPs soon! 
I really like Luna
I wish my mom would get that excited! 
I'm Danielle, I'm 32, I have 3 kids, a DP, and this is my 5th pregnancy. I lost my last baby in March @ 11 weeks. Possibly at blighted ovum but the ER doc told me he saw a fetal pole and hb the same week I miscarried. I hemorrhaged at home and had to go to the ER and have an emergency D&C. Was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 2 weeks ago based on labs done after the miscarriage. I was already pregnant when I was diagnosed but didn't know it yet. I'm on Synthroid now...
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