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  The line on the FRER is getting darker. 
  I thought my wondfos might be defective, but I got +'s on some other tests today! Yay! 
  Just out of curiosity what lot # are you using? 
The line is still there is morning but still very faint. This is gonna be a long week! 
  Cressy, I did the same thing. This is actually the first one I got that would even show up in a picture, and that's with THIRD morning urine! So maybe you just gave up too soon! Try again in a few days! 6 dpo is way early to get a positive test. 
You might be able to see these - 3rd morning urine - who'd a thunk?     
Sorry Fawn, I hope you either get a + Test or AF soon!    So I think I'm losing it. I tested yesterday at 9dpo and got two stark white bfns.  Tested today with FMU and there is a shadow of a line. Wouldn't show up in pic, I almost thought I was imagining it. Tested with SMU to see if I got better results, and got the same thing. It's a squinter for sure. I'm scared it might be either a false positive or a chemical pregnancy. I'm good at reading wondfos because I...
My cousin was named Ruby and her nickname ws Bebe! 
Fawn, sorry to hear about AF. I know what you mean about surprise babies - my first was a total surprise, and the next 2 were "not trying, not avoiding" babies. TTC is hard but I've learned so much about my body and how it works. I'm grateful for that. I'm in the part of the TWW where it is too early too test, and I just want to know. Actually, a part of me wants to know, and a part of me just wants to be happy that I might be. I'm getting antsy. I know I'm going to cry...
  I'm so sorry for your loss, Primal. 
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