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Oh my! Hugs are so personal. I just moved from a very huggy place to a very friendly place...what a difference! I love not feeling obligated to hug evrryone...and having the more genine geetings that don't always include contact at all.
I know this is long past, but I was just thinking this might be the time to have a back up driver...do you know someone that would be willing to drive you for a fee?  Could you have winter clients pay for a taxi???  I hate for you to miss births because of storms, but I have seen some monster storms myself and I understand your reasoning.  I've had my husband pick me up from a hospital almost an hour away because I was too worn out to drive myself home safely.  Just a...
Thank you!  I will see about contacting those.  I knew there had to be something available there...or at least an interest in it.  I will contact the doula there and see if there is anything helpful I can do.
I know it has been AGES since this conversation took place, but I'm living in Juneau and I want to see about doing a doula training in some of the surrounding areas, such as Sitka.  I'm also trying to think of ways I can offer childbirth classes to expecting families in those more remote areas.  HOW did your search go???  Did you ever find anyone???  Who would I talk to about doing this?
That's wonderful! Way to stand up for yourself! !!!! Lets us know when baby does come!
That's a great point Fruitfulmomma - you can have a say in the way you are induced if it comes to that.  A lot of my clients have had a very slow pit induction where they did not allow nurses to turn it up unless they felt it was needed.  It does depend a lot on just how willing your hospital is to work with your plan.
I always encourage my clients to try other more natural approaches before getting a sweep done.  However, as a rule there is often a natural labor that comes right after a sweep...the next day normally.  The most common complication from a sweep is the water breaking in early labor...which can happen any way, but is nicer if it happens later.  Sex and relaxation, nipple stim and so on can all have a good effect as well with less stress!  The first baby often takes a little...
Are you 43 weeks or 33?  I'm confused...I wouldn't use epo early on, especially not orally.  IF you're 40 weeks or over I've seen it work like a charm with a good dose of red raspberry leaf tea.  You don't have to put it on your cervix either, you can rub it on your thighs and lower abs - it absorbs quickly but doesn't tend to be as strong.  I have clients that have put it in the bath and soaked for a while with just a little of it in there - came out ready to go to the...
If you want an awesome birth filled with natural birth stories I really recommend to all my clients Ina May's Guide to Childbirth.  The 1st half is filled with the good the bad and the ugly of natural childbirth and there is a huge relief from reading about others triumphs and floundering too.  It helps fill some of those gaps from Birthing from Within.  You don't even have to read the 2nd half if you don't want to.
Have you considered having a doula?  I think having one is vital for all births, but short and super intense can so easily feel like you're dying or something horrible is going wrong!  As a doula I've been with moms who had less than an hour of labor and still felt I was the reason they survived with their sanity.  You really might want to get yourself a really supportive doula this time around.  ALSO - a great book to work through these feelings with is Birthing From...
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