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We started with the co-sleeper, but our twins outgrew it within a month-not enough space for our big girls.Our girls are 6 months and we are co-sleeping w/them with no plans of using acrib- they sleep better and it works great.   best of luck to you
We are in need of a bed rail that will work for our king size bed to keep our co-sleeping twins safe. We have the mattress w/box on floor, but still would like to add a bed rail.   thanks for any sugstions   Susan
Does anyone do this? if so, how and how big were your twins when you started? Trying to make this work for my family thanks Susan
Thanks for all of the advice and items to consider. We were induced with our first, different provider, made it to 41 weeks, but had a natural vaginal birth with pitocin. this time, we have been doing nst for the last 4 weeks and have passed each one. We are 6cm dilated as of last friday, no vaginal exam this week. my ob/gyn and midwife pratice follows the belief that the tests are not accurate after 38 weeks i just want some powerful contractions, but i...
we are at 37 weeks and my ob will only allows us to go to 38 weeks before he strips my membranes. Should i try to negotiate with him or accept his plan? So far, perfect pregnancy- no real issue with fraternal twin girls.
We are at 36 weeks and four days with fraternal twins. So far, i have had the perfect pregnancy with no complications- no bed rest, no Gd, no preclamsia. The only issue is just getting bigger and dealing with my big body. It is possible so best of luck.
i thought i would join you all even though we are near the end of the pregnancy Name? Susan You and maybe your partners age at the birth? 37 and 42 Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? fraternal What number of kids will is be for you? #2 and #3 Genders? 2 girls EDD and or planned birth timing? ctober 11th State you live in? illinois Anything else you want to share? just really big, we are at 36 weeks, i am 6 cm dilated and wondering...
ok, i am 34 week pregnant with twin and went to see my ob/gyn tonight and we talked about labor and delivery. last week both babies were head down, now only one is. Well, it is my ob/gyn/midwife policy that they fully support vaginal births for twins unless of course the babies are in distres. if all goes well, they will deliver the first vaginally and then try to turn the second or do a breech birth depending on how the baby is progresing. the problem is if the...
We live in the near west suburbs and just found out we are having twins. I am trying to find an OB/GYN or midwife that has birthed twins naturally. I amthinking someone affiliated with West Sub or Prentise Thanks.
Karen, we are in the same situation with DS about 23 months. We have MFI and DS through IVF/ICSI/FET and I would really like to do another FET, but our RE requires DS to be weaned and he has no interest in that-though we are done to three times a day. The reaserch is inconclusive. I really think we would be ok still nursing, but since an IVF or FET is so expensive and I don't think I could go through another IVF cycle since I had OHSS with my first one that we want...
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