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You are truly an inspiration, Caitlyn. Your daughters are very lucky to have you as their mama. Thank you for sharing your story with us all 
Oh, I agree - that link is a CNM practice and they are doing things that I wouldn't be (IV, intubation, etc), but I liked that they showed what they use, and how they organize their supplies :)   Cascade is a good one, but they are really expensive...I'll check those other two - thanks!    
I am just starting to gather my supplies to begin my own practice; hoping some experienced midwives could pass on favorite links and/or brands and/or types of supplies they carry to births...everything from which herbals to which clamps and scissors (esp umbilical, but also curious about *just in case of life-saving emergency* episiotomy scissors) and which brand of BVM is best for the price...any suggestions? Thanks in advance!   Also, if you happen to have a link...
My second baby was an in-Iowa, home-born, medicaid-paid baby :) Sadly the birth center with the CNMs we used has since closed, but if you can find a similar set up, it is definitely possible...I don't live in Iowa any more, but I know Kathy Deol in Iowa City is a CNM doing home births; dont' know if she is a medicaid provider though...
We use mostly reusable baggies at home, but could definitely use a couple new ones, and I'd love to try this brand!  
Wow - your end result is simply amazing! I know I don't have the patience...but honestly, beautiful
Thanks - I finally found it on google...Jan 2004 So I take it there's not an online "search by topic" through old issues...bummer...
...but when I search nothing shows up! I have tons of old issues, but was hoping to get the year/issue number to ease my search. Any tips? Or do you happen to know where it is? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by GenomicsGirl I just voted in your poll - I chose Graham and Maeve! Hey, me too
My comments are within the multi-quotes... Quote: Originally Posted by Spring Sun Olive Adaline. I really like it . Quote: Originally Posted by BeagleMommy Well, I'll jump in to be brutalized We have a Dutch last name that sounds German to many. It ends in an a DD is Ruth Evelyn for my grandmother. My dd2 is Evelyn Ruth girls- I think they're all OK...I like Martha and Pearl the least Martha (dh's...
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