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Hi all -- I am mama to 2 DS ages 6 & 9, and a very soon to be DSS age 12.  DSS2b was adopted at birth and has significant struggles with ADHD, ODD, LDs, extreme executive functioning issues, explosive temper tantrums, impulsivity, inability to tell truth from fantasy...it is quite the load for a little girl.  (she is also a creative, warm, and compassionate girl with a huge heart!).   along with her dad (my fiancee --we've been together 2+ years) i have been working...
I'm pretty sure that it doesn't count as unearned income -- typically disability benefits are not held against you that way.  At least in Maryland, where I live.  Have you considered applying for food stamps?  Sounds like you would qualify for those too.  Good Luck! Trix  
hi everyone, i have posted from time to time in these forums but it's been awhile.  i came today looking for support and guidance for adhd -- my DS is about to turn 6 and has been diagnosed ADHD, primarily inattentive, and also ODD.  his therapist is also going to start testing for what she suspects is a language processing disorder.  he's very bright, energetic, sweet and affectionate, but definitely stubborn and with a mind of his own.  he also has trouble completing...
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