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We are looking to go to Florida or Georgia for the winter and are looking for a city or town that is warm and has a lot of natural beauty for us to enjoy as a family (beaches, parks, etc.) Any suggestions? I don't know the area so I don't know where to start. We're looking to try a few places over there one month at a time probably from about December-March. We have a budget of about $1,500/month for rent that sleeps 8. We just rented a place in the Great Lakes area for...
Thank you for your suggestions! While browsing online last night I found this amazing free resource of old stories for children! Many of the stories involve faries and children exploring the outdoors! There are hundreds of stories that I think will be perfect! Here is the link: http://www.childrensbooksonline.org/library.htm Enjoy!
My sister did K12 with her kids and they all loved it. Hopefully next year my state is looking to provide connections Academy for free. We are looking into paying for it for our 5th grader as he seems like he needs interaction with kids his age (not counting younger siblings), and Connections has "clubs" the kids can join. I'm also going to ask hubby if we can swing sending him to a Montessori school, but I kinda doubt it!
I'm trying to find out if there is such a thing as a Waldorf style bedtime story collection that I could read to my children every night? I've seen individual books (Children of the Forrest, etc.), but I was hoping to find a nice "treasury" or collection of stories I can read at bedtime for the whole year. Thanks for any suggestions!
Indoor toys are made of natural materials except for our MagnaTiles. These are awesome and they make so many beautiful creations with them. You can see them here: http://www.amazon.com/Magna-Tiles-Tr...9097911&sr=8-1 The translucent one's are so pretty. We have a set of 100 and will be getting them another set of 100 this Christmas because they use them so much! Legos are awesome too, although we don't own any right now because all the pieces would probably be a hazard...
I love the seedpdcraft idea! I'd like to see if my husband could make it from some nice thick sticks we have in the yard for an organic look to it That Ikea one is not for sale online and Albuquerque still does not have an Ikea
I just bought some "faux tealights" at Hobby Lobby in the candle section. They even mimic the flickering a candle makes. I'm going to go check out that tutorial!
Quote: Originally Posted by VegMomma I can just see my babe grabbing fistfuls of roving to shove in his mouth... Good point!
My dh's parents are always buying the kids stuff they don't need and that we don't want for them. We've got 6 kids, so I am trying my best to keep down the material things. It gets annoying and I think it is such a waste of their money. Unfortunately my dh won't talk to his parents about it, so the frustration on my part continues and we're constantly having to get rid of stuff. One of my son's even told dh's dad that they would like something from the local kids museum...
Does anyone on here own Creative Play for your Toddler by Christopher Clouder? I'm thinking of getting it, but wanted some real mama reviews. I wish there was a place online where I could sample some pages. Let me know what you think if you have it!
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