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http://youtu.be/L0JXH_33mbU   "A truly unique and wonderful individual, longtime intactivist Van Lewis passed away a few hours ago.   I cannot express in words how fortunate I feel the movement and the world were to be graced by his presence and humor.   Also, I feel blessed that I was able to count Van as a beloved friend for many precious years. A remembrance of Van will appear in the next issue of our newsletter.  We would welcome anyone who wants to write...
It sounds like you have a good one. Even still, you have to always be on guard.
I believe there is such a survey around somewhere, the later question at least, I'll try and look for it. It may be a few days though.
  I am going to have to watch it again to see that, I don't remember; the problem is I can't stand those parts of the film.    
  I am thinking I know where this conversation occurred. Anyway there is some information on the wiki about it. That particular quote is even sourced. Which is larger than the figures quoted where the discussion was taking place. I don't know of any study that directly compares the US and other European countries off the top of my head. Wallerstein E (February 1985). "Circumcision. The uniquely American medical enigma". Urol. Clin. North Am. 12 (1): 123–32. PMID 3883617...
You don't need to do anything. Typical (average) age for retraction is 10.5 years. At this point as long as he is able to urinate, there is nothing to worry about, ballooning is normal too BTW. Hang on I'll try to dig up a resource for you.   ETA: Here you go: http://www.cirp.org/library/normal/   ETAA: Having him try and retract at each bath isn't a bad idea but make sure he doesn't feel the need to go too far. Giving him instructions to retract at each bath...
What a great new sub-forum. :)
Well, can we see what you have?
Sounds just fine to me. It's really common for intact boys to play like that when they discover this wonderful new trick. He should be fine and I wouldn't worry too much about it, for either boy.    
You're going to find a lot of interesting opinions on how to handle your situation. Some people feel they need to end relationships with those who circumcised after being given the information, as in your case; other don't. Of course there are in between courses and sometimes people decide how to handle it based on who it as, family vs friend vs acquaintance. The latter are easy to 'cut-off' but some of the former though may not be so easy, consider not having a...
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