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Quote: Originally Posted by Yulia_R the link doesn't work. That is strange. I've clicked it on both my laptop and PDA and have no trouble. Try and go to the blog (first link) then scroll to the bottom. It's there too if you can't make it work I'll email you a copy. And if anyone can give me more detail on the problem with he second link that would be helpful.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ann-Marita The link doesn't work for me. Got another way to get to the article? I'd really like to read it. Ann did you try both links? The first goes to a blog post about the article and has a link to it at the bottom. The second is a direct link to the article. Be sure that you have Adobe Reader installed it is required. If you continue to have difficulty PM me and I can email it to you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Night_Nurse No, I don't. I know I don't gain any popularity points for saying that but I worked in OB for well over a decade (just got out of that field a few months ago) and I never saw rates anywhere near where they say they are. I have talked to friends who work in other parts of the country in OB and they don't report really low rates either. I also have called some hospitals throughout the country where the rates are...
Quote: Originally Posted by 123 Do you think they can really win a case of assault and battery? Do they have to go before a jury or just a judge? And it will probably be appealed if they do win, so it might take a while. I don't know enough about such things to know what kind of a chance they have. But if they do win, that could really help. I mean, nobody can get insurance against an assault and battery lawsuit like you can against malpractice,...
Quote: Originally Posted by dakotablue I will say DS is circumcised. I wasn't comfortable. DH wanted it. I said only if you are with him entire time and watch. Dh did...I can regret my decision as it was the best I could do at the time, but if I knew then what I know now, then no I wouldn't have. Still really not comfortable, not real argument has worked with Dh. I finally found one!!!! We were in a store and saw a magazine cover with a little baby...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ann-Marita I remember reading that countries or cultures that generally cut their girls also cut their boys. Can anyone provide me with more information or a link? Thanks! Yes all that practice FGM also practice MGM you can check it out on this prevalence map: (scroll down) http://www.circumstitions.com/Maps.html
David at C&HIV posted about this recently published article which discusses the disconnect between MGM and FGM. The article is worth reading, I strongly recommend it.
Congratulations! Such a lucky boy; and a thoughtful husband.
I've never had this problem myself, and of the intact boys/men I've known I've not heard of it being a problem. If and elderly relative was having this problem in a nursing home I'd be more concerned with the quality of care he or she was receiving at the facility.
A quick read and I didn't think it was awful. As Brant pointed out they could have added better context, like we're the only ones that do this, but they did describe not being circumcised as "intact" which I think was great. When you change the language you start to change the minds, you know. Thanks OP for pointing this article out.
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