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    Thanks! Those MudGirls are amazing! :)   Ugh... the weather is making me nuts... That bites that you're heat is out! I'm taking a class and tonight the heat wasn't working there. I had on my toque, alpaca gloves and scarf, a huge wool sweater, a hoodie, and I was STILL freezing! I got in the car and blasted the heat to warm up on the way to the ferry... brrrrrr  
My blog is Organique Gal. :)
I have a blog post scheduled to publish on Monday with a number of links and photos if you're interested in cob workshops, etc...
You're assuming the daycare people are robots with no mercy. Of course they are going to try calling the parents and trying to reach their back up people first... But I do think that in the context of this thread, the OP had every right to call the police and/or CPS.
Abandoning your children when you know a facility is closing is not bogus.
I heard the opposite about the cob... that's it's super insulative... I'm guessing that must be in places that get a true northern Canada winter... Lately we've been looking into Hobbit Homes... or homes built into the side of a hill with a cob face. They are SO darling and those would be VERY well insulated... DH and I are renting right now, but eventually we want a place of our own... we're actually seriously considering buying a house boat and living on that... We'd...
My son was in daycare for a couple years, and their policy was that if you were more than 30 minutes late picking your child up they called CPS because you had essentially abandoned your child. I always thought it was a bit excessive, but in hindsight it certainly ensured nobody took advantage of them.
As the mother of a child with multiple allergies, it was beyond frustrating to me when the daycare/preschool ds was enrolled in started dictating what I could and couldn't send in his lunch. I was sending a 100% fruit and veggie juice because I was trying to get more calories in him. He was super small and super active and really needed the extra calories. I had a major fight with them over it. At least they were consistent though across the board. Your child's school...
Hi! I live on Gabriola Island, and am in Nanaimo about once a month, sometimes more... Would love to meet up with some of you lovely ladies sometime. :) Kim, my dh and I went to a cob building workshop for a week on Mayne Island a few years ago. There are quite a few cobbers here on Gabe too. I love that look! :)
I've been MIA from most of my favorite forums, and am making a reappearance, mostly cause I am writing a novel and I need somewhere to procrastinate... hehe I'm a little overwhelmed to be coming back in the midst of a huge board change... But maybe it's best to be getting in right at the beginning... I'll post more when I can make paragraph breaks, etc...         
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