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Home business? Do tell!
Thanks, everyone. The thing is I still feel the baby spirit. Maybe this little one will make it's way back... I have no traditions quite yet. I'm really enjoying hearing what you all do. I'd like to find some things that resonate with me
A tiny interjection... got an ultrasound. No HB. Mind if I stick around anyhow?
Thanks, everyone. I wish you all well on your journeys.
Baby stopped developing about 4 weeks ago. No heartbeat.
Thanks for thinking of me :)  I deeply appreciate continued good sticky vibes.   The spotting has been erratic but is still happening.  It got heavier for one day (still "light") and I freaked out pretty good.  Now I'm working myself back up to believing I'm still pregnant.  Trying to be patient with the whole process.  Hoping to maybe get a blood draw if the midwives think it could help check that at least my HCG is where it should be.  *shrug*  Appointment is a week...
More spots. Doing a 4 count breath to stay out of fight/flight. Taking crampbark. Sipping raspberry leaf tea. Trying to stay positive. Focusing how different this has been than my mcs. Focusing on connecting to the little one. Going to take a day or two of work to take it easy.
I don't know. I just texted one of my midwives to ask what we can do.
I feel like it's all I can do to stay neutral. Trying to just hang on until I can hear the heartbeat (week from Wednesday). Contemplating an ultrasound even though I didn't want one. I don't know.
Stopped spotting. Going to take it easy today. Thanks, everyone!
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