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Liked and subscribed, I hope I win I could sure use such a nice wagon!
liked and shared the link.  I WOULD love a new crib mattress for our baby due in September!
I LOVE bellaluna toys on Facebook too!
I like mothering, in fact I LOVE mothering, and mother earth!
I'm a fan!! Love mothering and Bella Luna!!
I love becos and I know a ton of people who should have them.  I think to get more men to wear their babies we need to have more 'manly' looking carriers.  I have tried to get my husband to use my carrier but he says it looks to girl-y for him.  I think this carrier just might change his mind!! Love the light brown with the helicopter print.  I hope I win we could never afford to buy another carrier and I'd love to see my husband carry #3 when it arrives this summer!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Heba If you let me know the actual drugs that they will be using, I can look them up in Hale's for you. So I called and they use Fentanal and Versed. thank you SO much!!
I have a colonoscopy scheduled and they will be using twilight sleep on me. How long do I have to pump and dump before I can start nursing my 6 month old? The nurse told me a day but I have found that nurses and doctors often don't actually know. The last time I had something done the nurse told me to pump and dump for the first 2 hours and my mid-wife said as soon as I could ask for my baby I could nurse. So... any answers would be very much appreciated. Thank...
so she's tongue tied! I had her snipped and it feels like she's latching better. We'll see what her weight is on monday!
I am she that is being discussed here. Thank you for all your comments (and to my friend for starting the thread), I tend to agree that there can't possibly be anything wrong with my milk. My son was born 3 weeks early at 5 lbs 9 oz and he thrived on my milk, so it was even good enough for my "preemie" . I have an appointment with the LC at the birth center this morning and I am hoping I can get this figured out. I am not too worried about the situation as my daughter...
New Posts  All Forums: