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I love that my baby and I get to cuddle and have all the closeness we need and my big kids get to have a Momma too.
You sound so at peace with your sweet girl's arrival, and that is wonderful. You are so right that we really are lucky to have the interventions we need to help us safely birth our babes no matter what the circumstances. Congratulations! She sounds perfect.
I tried castor oil with all 3 of my first babes, and all I did was poop. I know that's not what you want to hear, I'm sorry. The verbena oil cocktail I had the other day has castor oil too, but because of the other ingredients I didn't spend any time on the toilet. The recipe is pretty googleable, or your midwife might have her own ideas. Alternately I just heard of castor oil belly massage. Apparently it worked for a friend of a friend.   Good luck! I'm so sorry...
Oh Octolars, I hear you. I'm also really uncomfy and not dealing well. I'm basically a graceless grouch. I wish you peace and rest while you wait. Know that you're not alone!!!
I've been super uncomfy and having a really hard time as this baby gets later and later. My 4th, and as of today my longest pregnancy! So I talked to my midwife yesterday and she came by to check us both out and gave me the ingredients for a verbena oil cocktail to get things going....   Exciting!!! And scary!! And it sounds pretty yucky. Anyone tried it?   it IS yucky! But it totally worked! I had a 9lb, 10oz baby boy 5 hours after my second dose. He's...
Clearly I need to get DH reading some Ina May cause he just can't go there. Not fair!   It would be fun! And a distraction from this horrible waiting! And might get things going! And let me tell you, with 3 surprise babies out of our 4 children, I'm going to be really nervous until one of us takes the initiative and gets fixed, so this is the last time for a while that I  won't be worried about getting pregnant. Also, makes me feel like a huge unattractive whale....
So who's still waiting for their babe? Do you have long to wait still? What's your sense?   I'm here still. EDD is July 20 I think it'll be pretty close to then since my others were really close to their dates.     Who else??
I'm still here too, just trying to get out of the house more so I stop analyzing every twinge.   We'll get there.
you're not alone, there are a few of us hanging out and waiting still. But you look fantastic! So glowey and smiley... gorgeous!
up, down, up, down. I just want to meet this little baby!!!!   So first there was the 4 hours of contracting that went no where. Then there have been many many chunks of mucus plug. And yesterday, a severe thunderstorm warning for our area, and a stormy uterus for HOURS that ultimately went no where.   Ack!!   Earlier in the day my son had asked what would happen if the power went out and we had to have the baby, and I assured him there was nothing we needed...
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