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figure out what pencils cost and fine them ... before long, they'll value them enough to put them away
We used K last year and are using 1 this year - love it. One thing I discovered on their forums is that many users like to use one core below what your child's traditional grade level would be. Others like to combine multiple kids into one core (we do) so if you want to do that it works best when all kids are in the recommended age range for that core (each core has a recommended age you can see online or in the catalog).   Definitely order a print catalog, since it...
that's a fun, easy way to learn it if you can buy/borrow a copy ... but not all kids are ready yet. 
awesome update!
yes - I conceived DS when DD was 12 months old. We didn't wean and DS was 8.5 lbs (DD had only been 6.5; both full-term). Definitely read the Kellymom page and Adventures in Tandem Nursing. Congrats!
take a look at Leading Little Ones to God - DH and I both hold Master of Divinity degrees, and are very impressed with this book as a study of theology for very young children. We also LOVE the Jesus Storybook Bible for the way it weaves Bible stories into one meta-narrative - the Story of Jesus.
agreeing with all the others - we went through that when DD was 12-18 months ... testing was normal, we didn't wean and did pursue higher fat foods ... today I have a tiny but perfectly healthy 8 year old  (who weighs 47 lbs)
my DS also weaned at 5 years old; I could never imagined how easily he would self-wean when he was still 4 and nursing a lot!
agreeing - mine were 20 months apart, and since I got pregnant when DD was 12 months old, I was committed to tandem nursing. It wasn't easy to nurse through a pregnancy, but the ability to nurse both was well worth the effort. I'd do it again!
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