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Well, I have no advice about weaning to get pregnant ... Despite exclusively nursing past 6 months, cosleeping, no pacis, nursing round-the-clock including overnight every 1-2 hours ... I got AF back at 10 weeks PP after DD and at 5 months PP while tandem nursing
Dr. Doolittle House at Pooh Corner Dolphin Adventure
I have a bright pink crate sitting on the bookshelf, and all library books must stay there/be returned to there while we have them checked out.
Quote: Originally Posted by boobs4milk the best thing you can do to prepare for breastfeeding is to get educated and forget the misinformation. the best places to start: www.kellymom.com www.drjacknewman.com www.askdrsears.com NO!!! Definitely bookmark the sites above, and perhaps buy a tube of lansinoh, and that's really all you need to get started!
I think Bob Jones also has a dvd option - it's sort of A Beka-ish Math U See Teaching Textbooks (math)
I'll throw some program names out for further research ... We're enjoying All About Spelling, which is a phonics-based spelling program. We started in 1st grade but in retrospect wish we had started in kindergarten with early reading. Very gentle program We're enjoying Writing With Ease, which takes a gentle approach to teaching writing, starting with copywork and narration, and later moving to dictation. Many people also use First Language Lessons with WWE, to...
We really enjoy Sonlight's Science (and Core, and Bible and readers ... )
Quote: Originally Posted by LilyGrace Usborne makes some great books, including their Internet Linked Book of Knowledge. We have their science encyclopedia and it's really nice. When we got it, I didn't think we'd use their links as much as we have. Ditto that - we love the Usborne Children's Encyclopedia!
Quote: Originally Posted by frogautumn Whew! I'm still processing this conversation. If you could give me any support, stories confirming that yes, children really do self-wean when they're ready, and/or links to CLW info, I would really appreciate it! Thanks! they really, really do. DD was one of those children who would never have stopped nursing, I was convinced. And then right after 3 years old, it was just once a day. And then at...
Well, we use Sonlight, and each core is designed to fit a range of kids ages (usually spanning 3-4 years) so my kids (20 months apart) are sharing a core. He's 6, she's 8, and Core 1 is for an age range of 6-8 years, so it's a perfect fit. Will she dig in more, perhaps, but both can learn a lot. The cores cover history, literature, geography and culture study. We also combine them for Bible, science and for any desired electives, then I add in language arts and math at...
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