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I'm pretty sure my 7 week old has a lip tie. I think I am looking for a pediatric dentist or other care provider who can help resolve it. I am planning on taking her to our regular doctor but am not sure if she will know where to send us for it. I may ask for a referral to a LC instead and see what resources they can point me to.   Any suggestions welcome. Close to Springfield MO and medicaid accepting are ideal.
Our DO in Nixa sees my unvaxed kids & has never attacked our choice (of course we have discussed it & she seemed to mainly want to make sure that I was making an informed decision. I don't know if she advertises that fact or would be comfortable with that popping up on google, but I'd be happy to pass on her info...message me or tweet me (@olivesprouts).
Messaged you the name & info for our DO.
Only 6 weeks right now and not telling.  We've known about a week and a half I think.   I wouldn't mind telling extended family except I feel too exhausted to deal with their excitement and questions.  We just moved and are now an hour from our midwife instead of fifteen minutes, and I don't want to field questions about how we're going to handle that until WE know.  Right now there's a possibility I'll do prenatals with a closer midwife & she'll forward my charts on...
This is #4 for us, so we're not starting from scratch obviously, but we do need to replace some things.     Some of our cloth diapers have been through three babies, so getting some fresh ones to boost the stash is a priority.  I've been looking on Craigslist but honestly, $10 per FuzziBunz?  Used?  I paid like $12/ea NEW in a big Ebay batch 4 years ago.  My SIL has a bunch of Alva Baby diapers she got super cheap through a group order.  I really want to figure that...
I don't want to tell our 3 and 4 year old until I'm ok with everyone knowing! ;)  We haven't told extended family yet and I'm not sure when I want to tell people beyond that... once the extended family knows obviously the kids will too, though, so I guess I won't be able to keep it a secret much after that...
Still nursing 15month old here.  My first two kids were 13 months apart, so I tandemed them. Then I nursed my daughter through my 3rd pregnancy and tandemed her for a year before weaning her at 3.  Guessing if all goes well I'll be tandeming again.   He isn't going to sleep as easily with nursing now so I'm guessing my supply may have already taken a hit though.
Ahh, looks like #3's name is on the rise.  I guess I feel good I'm ahead of the curve. ;)
Hi ladies!  Fourth on the way here too! :)  Not positive on EDD yet but guessing late April.
I am 18 weeks and only this past week did I notice my nausea significantly lessen.  SO happy to not be throwing up every day anymore!  Still sensitive to smells but sometimes now I'll just gag, move quickly away, focus on something else, and not actually throw up.  
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