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The whole "Mr. Peanut! Classy!" thing had me falling off my chair, for some reason.
Often I don't use a cover, but I do have low-energy days where I don't want to deal with other people's judgments; then I use one as a "people-giving- me-crap" deflector. Unfortunately, this discussion is a reminder that people might glare at me either way. Eventually, in any discussion on this topic, someone always makes a comment about how nursing covers "only draw more attention to the fact that you're nursing." Why do people assume that this is a big deal to...
Oh, I have so been there. The worst part, for me, was feeling dumb about all the evenings (and it was always evenings- not sure why-) when I thought "This is IT!" and then it wasn't. And when she was born, she showed NO signs of being overdue. We just had an inaccurate due date, I think. She came on the real due date- know what I mean? I bet yours will, too!
Awww, I love that name! You have a pearl of a girl! :
Thanks for the :, everybody! I didn't know how to re-title my thread, so I just started a new one. Here's a picture of Ginger kitten with her daddy- http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3162/...ed269c.jpg?v=0
After one week of being overdue (during which period I found out that Lucy had been telling her pre-school teacher that the baby was "stuck") I had about had it. On Wednesday at 5 pm Lucy and I went over to the hospital to have a non-stress test and see how the baby was doing in there. She was fine, so Lucy and I drove home while DH cooked a pancake dinner. I pulled up to the house at 6:30 and started to park, which is when my water broke. Exactly two hours later, Ginger...
Thanks for the love, everyone. Especially you, mochimama- you're my "moms with babies named Ginger" role model. SO glad nursing is going well for you. As of today, I'm 2 cm dilated, 80% effaced, and my membranes are most definitely swept. We'll see what happens! And you can bet I'll be stalking this board to keep posted on all the other late mamas. :
Ditto to what mimim said- I posted about it on that thread too.
I'm looking down the list of threads in our DDC, and they all say "She's here!" or "He's here!" and I simultaneously feel sooooo glad for them, but also sort of frustrated. Tomorrow will be 1 week overdue. I know, it's not the overdue-est in the world, but every day it gets a little harder. Is she STUCK, for heaven's sake? At this point so much of my cervix has come out (sorry, TMI) that, gravitationally speaking, I'm not sure how she even manages to stay in- seems like...
Quote: Originally Posted by kldliam Yes, girls have their share of bad treatment too, but I feel more sympathy for boys on this issue. Why? Quote: Originally Posted by kldliam How would you feel if the story was about a girl instead of Gordon? The same. Exactly the same. To me, this is an example of serious mistreatment of a child, but there isn't any evidence that the abuse was done BECAUSE he was a boy. Same...
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