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My children and I recently moved to Taos. I would love to find some other mamas to hang out with! I'm an unschooler at heart, but my children are currently attending Arroyos Del Norte so that I can work. My kids are 5 and 9. Thanks! P.S. Does anyone have any info on community programs/childcare for the days when there's no school? My job is super flexible and only 4 hrs/day, but I'd like to have that info, just in case. TIA.
Hi Mamas, My family will be living in Taos from June 1-mid-August. I'm looking for a fellow CrossFitter to workout with while I'm there. I'd also love suggestions on what to do and see while we're there. Hikes, hotsprings, etc. Also, any recommendations on where a single mama can go for some adult interaction without children- maybe a cafe or bistro or something? Thanks! Rachel
I met Olivia Newton-John in February. It was pretty exciting. She seemed like a very kind person.
The master cleanse is very hard on your pancreas, and will cause major muscle loss due to lack of protein. My nutritionist friend recommends a fresh veggie juice fast, with a small amount of protein daily to prevent muscle deterioration.
Do you know why she doesn't want it to contain Vit A? From what I understand, toxicity is not an issue with the naturally occurring Vit A in CLO. This source comes highly recommended: http://www.greenpasture.org/products/cod_liver_oil. If you really need bargain prices, TwinLab is certified free of mercury, lead, and PCB's, and is less than half the cost of greenpasture. They both contain vitamin A, though. These probiotics are excellent: ...
Hi There! I don't have what you're looking for, but I just wanted to send a little love and support. I grew up in Butler. I moved to Tucson when I was pg w/dd almost 8 years ago. When I go "home" to visit, most of my friends just don't get us. And I get the funniest looks when I'm out nursing, esp. when the kids weren't infants. Ugh. Keep looking for your tribe there. I'm sure you'll find them!
Thanks, Vanessa! Best wishes in growing your successful business.
Thanks for the love, everyone. I'm sure the kids and I will be fine. We are still processing. We will get counseling. I don't feel the need to justify my actions to anyone, but to let you know what was going through my head as I fought, I need to get on an airplane to go to my grandma's funeral tonight. All I was thinking is that the things that I need to do that are in my purse. Also, like someone mentioned, it is natural to fight for what is yours. If someone...
I am in the pro-Arbonne camp, as well. I have seen many "regular" people make it to the top because they believed they could. Like a pp said, a good upline is key. You are not "selling out" friends, you are offering them a way to change their lives. My birthmom came to me with this opportunity because she knew it was the only way that I could become financially free while being a full-time mom. She doesn't need my money. Also, salespeople mostly fail at this...
I had a session with an incredible energy healer in LA over the weekend. I am transformed. She talked about how we don't celebrate rites of passage in our culture as we should, and how we should acknowledge this ending/beginning with some sort of ceremony. She also feels it is important to include the children, honoring their feelings as well. I separated in Sept. I was thinking we will sage the house, and the kids and I will have some sort of talk. I haven't thought...
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