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I am a highschool teacher in a large highschool. There is a huge list of 200+ students at our school whose parents do not want photo's of their children taken, full stop. You are not alone. Whenever I take photos of students I have to check the list before printing or publishing them. This is for a whole set of legal, safety and privacy reasons. Just because most people are ignorant of the legalities of taking pictures of children in classrooms doesn't mean that laws...
The biggest risk is a primary outbreak. Unfortunately, you don't think you have had an outbreak, and that means you might be at greater risk. I would take the valtrex - save yourself the stress. In my opinion, taking valtrex is less stressful than the guilt of passing on Type 2 to your baby (which can end up in their eyes and on their face, hands, body etc) or having a c-section. If you had caught the disease years ago and you knew that you had coped with multiple...
I can't remember when I felt my DS flutter. But 20 weeks is normal, you might have an anterior placenta, or just an easy going baby. Dont stress mama.
That really sucks If your whole garden is wilting and dying I'd really look into the cause. That's not just 'unlucky' gardening - somethings going on. Have you added anything to the soil? what fertilisers/pesticides are you using? What a pita!
I would get it checked out, particularly with a past 2nd trimester m/c ((hugs)) Good luck and thoughts coming your way.
I don't think MJ has to do with intelligence - of course there are intelligent, wonderful, honest, lovely people who smoke MJ. What I don't like is the whole bulldust that makes MJ out to be non-addictive and non-damaging. I drink and I smoke (when I'm not prgenant). I view MJ like I view alcohol - it should be legalised, taxed and controlled. Then instead of the whole pro-against MJ argument, we could discuss the realities of MJ use and get rid of these fairytales of...
That's definetely a girl! Congratulations!
At my DS's birth class they showed 2 films. One of natural birth - blood and all. And one of a c-section birth. A cartoon where the baby actually came out smiling!! Give me strength! I wanted to say something but I didn't. Even BabyCenter's c-section vid was more graphic. Please say something at your next class (if you go) it'll eat at you if you don't, lol
I have 3 Isa Browns (rhode island red x) on an urban block. In my opinion - don't stress too much about when they stop laying. Yes, they slow down - but it takes a while before they stop completely. Our old girls lay an egg every day or so in summer, every 3 days or so in winter. I still pick up 2-3 eggs a day from just 3 hens. We saved our girls from a free range farm where they pretty much lived in an open mud pit. They had no feathers (from pecking due to over...
You can pick the male flowers, it wont damage the plant. Usually squash get male flowers before female flowers. You'll know the female flowers, they have tiny squash beneath them. If you don't have a mix of female and male flowers the squash wont grow into bigger squash, they'll shrivel up and fall off. If you want to get both flowers at the same time, trying pruning back one stalk. It should separate into two new shoots with more flowers.
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