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Quote: Originally Posted by meemee the key is how both of you are willing to work with each other. do you trust him? do you feel he will be kind and understanding to you? if he cooperates and you separate on a good note - then everything will work out. if you are thinking of going for a divorce talk with ex and see what he is willing to do. my ex didnt take dd overnights till she was 3 years old. and we did it gradually and slowly too. he wasnt good...
Cool thanks! Next question- Does Whole Foods Store take them/it (EBT)?
For instance, can I buy coffee and frozen dinners? How about juice? (I know Tobacco and Alcohol is off limits, as well as non food items. )
Mortgage ---- $1100 m/ + $250 HOA Health Insurance - Don't have Car Insurance --- $76.00/month - 2 cars Electricity--- $60/m Cable --- Don't have (we also use our neighbor's WiFi connection) Cellphone --- $80 for 2 Water- included in HOA
Ok, we just got slammed with overdraft charges from our current bank (washington mutual).. some of it was stupidity (DH got his car fixed and we didn't have enough in our account to cover it, however, if he would have told me how much it was before paying for it, I could have transfered the money into our checking). I didn't realize this until today, and I used our debit card today at the freaking dollar store (because of the overdraft fee it ended up costing me waaay more...
Thanks! I think I am leaning more towards Veronica.. the popularity of Sophia is too much, I think, even though I LOVE the name
I had my son's name picked out before he was born.. actually since I was 15. But I was also open to naming him something else if I didn't feel like he "fit" the name.. but he did.. yay!
There are 3 girls names that I really like... All of these names have my basic requirements that I look for in a name: Cross-Cultural, feminine, and with a real meaning.. but each of them have "issues" 1. Veronica- I love this.. I love that it is unique but still normal and not too popular, but I've mentioned it to a few friends and haven't gotten much positive response. Nickname would be Vera. 2. Clara - I don't have much issue with this name, although I wish...
I have always said I want 2 children. DH knew this before we got married. We didn't mean to have DS so soon after we got married, but we are both totally in love with him. I want to TTC around the end of the year. I want DS to have a sibling close in age, and I would rather have #2 sooner than later so I can have a career when when they start school. I don't want DS to be an only child. But DH is very clear that he doesn't want another. So.. what do I do? Assume he'll...
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