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Quote: Originally Posted by thelocknestmother My DH came up with my name "thelocknestmother" after I whined about others having "neat" screen names...Our surname is Lock and I recently became a mom, so I am the mother of our Lock "nest". And it is a nice, although, obvious play on the Loch Ness Monster. cute!
Quote: Originally Posted by meesa143 My SIL gave me some to try and DS has a red bum I really like it otherwise. Everything comes out really clean and smells good. I haven't been able to use it just by itself yet. Once I use what I have, I am planning on buying some so I can try it again. I was afraid DD would react to it, she has eczema, but she seems fine so far. Is the red bum from the soap? Maybe she forgot to tell you to run a small load...
I take it both ways!
IME, it was painful, but i didn't think i was dying from it... it's weird, but it hurt worse than cramps, but it is still manageable. everyone is very different though.
6w total, heavy for 2w
Quote: Originally Posted by mama_moo How much do you drink? How often? What brand? What does it do? When do you start? I drink about 4 cups a day, I drink it liked iced tea, it tastes much better that way, IMO. I make a big pot of it every day, sweeten it, and put it in the frigde and drink it all day. I started when I was first PG. I like Traditional Medicines brand.
Yikes! I think it is very important to have someone you are very comfortable with at your birth.. if you are uncomfortable, I would change doulas, but that's just me!
Yeah, I am sure they just want to prevent a lawsuit if you did have complications due to your job.
Hi, Welcome to MDC!
HI, Welcome!
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