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i think it's fine!
i wouldn't do it. it's hard enough spelling normal names for some people...
i think of tom sawyer. but, i like it!
The only problems I'd foresee, is airport security. Other than that, I think they are cute names!
Before having kids, I didn't realize how bothersome my smoking was. But, if confronted, I would have moved.
I'm not in your DDC, but I am LOVIN' the pics!!!
I'm sure it is the same... I ALWAYS drink my RRL tea like iced tea. It tastes MUCH better that way, IMO.
CONGRATS!!!! I'd tell your sister ASAP, and let her know that you don't want to take the spotlight from her. She should be happy about it though, you'll have cousins close in age, and that's a blessing!
I always wanted to get mine for piece of mind.. I've had several miscarriages though, so I may have been extra paranoid.
I would probably included some snacks, like granola bars, so she doesn't have to get up to get a snack.
New Posts  All Forums: