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House Brands / Generic Pasta is nasty -- must be kraft, same with Mayonaise, ...making a sandwhich with Generic Mayonaise is just not worth making. Flour - Robin Hood only Soup - Campbells  
would something like this work for you ?  its removable  http://www.muralsyourway.com/table-on-the-harbor-mural/
You could use one of those nice signs that you see in show homes that say "Thank you for Removing your Shoes"
I went back and checked ---she says she takes the jars with her to the super market :-)
This reminds me of Oprah -- her name was supposed to be Orpah (from the Bible) but was misspelled on her BC  ... instead of having it changed -they just went with it.. lol
I cant image hauling those big glass jars to the supermarket everytime I want to go shopping!
I agree -- to stiff your MIL is just not right!
wow these are too funny.   THe strangest gift my DH ever gave me was a "Dimmer Switch" for christmas.  He thought it would make for "romantic lighting"
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