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My DD2 is 2 yrs old and is doing this too. So what do you do in this situation?  
My DD2 had this too. Her Dr. pointed it out at our first checkup when she was a week old. We were also told that we could apply an estrogen cream or just vaseline but were not told to traction it apart. I didn't do anything about it for awhile. Just kept an eye on it. But one diaper change I noticed that her labia had fused even more all the way down covering her vagina. At that point I decided to do something. I took a vaseline like cream with a q-tip and applied it to...
I've got 3 DD's. The first two are 19 months apart and the second two are 21 months apart. For the most part it has been really great. Hard, but great. DD1 is almost 4 and DD2 is 2 years and they play so well together. But when they were younger, finding the balance was not easy. I mourned the loss of my first being an only and being able to give her all my attention. And DD2 definitely cried a bit more because I was not able to meet her needs as quickly because I had a...
My DD2 did this also when we tried her first foods at 6 months. I decided to just give her some food and silverware to play with and figured she would eventually eat. Around 8 months she started eating real food (as opposed to baby food) on her own. She never would let me feed her with a spoon but she was proficient feeding herself with both a spoon and fork by 11 months. Just take it easy and he'll eat when he's ready :)
I didn't have a UC but I have had 2 home births in San Diego. I'm sorry you are having such a hard time, but from the research I did, I don't think you are getting the runaround. You do have to go through the courts to get a birth certificate. San Diego is different than the rest of the state, I believe, simply because we are right next to the border of Mexico. What I am really surprised about is how hard it is to get your LO added to your insurance. All I had to do...
Just took my first belly photo last week at 26 weeks.  
I just requested to join. Maegen from San Diego :)    
Linnea   My DD2's name  :)  
DDC But I lurk here anyway because I'm due March 4th with my 3rd. Do you know where in SD you are going to be? SD is BIG so that really determines a lot of what I'm recommend. I live in Encinitas so most of the stuff I know and do is in north county. My chiropractor is awesome and works with lots of pregnant women. I found her through my doula.  http://www.drcheriesmith.com/index.php   The Best Start Birth Center is great! I have several friends who have birthed...
Just got my bill from my insurance. $531 for the 20 week ultrasound. Insurance paid about $300 and I still owe $200. But there is a great ultrasound place here that charges $290 for the anatomy ultrasound.
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