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My son invited all boys to his last birthday party, but still invited his best friend's sister. 
I love it!
I haven't seen or heard the baby yet but that's because I haven't had an appointment yet.  I didn't do u/s last time but I did do a doppler at one appointment just to confirm the heartbeat.  I don't know what I'm doing this time.  I just haven't decided yet.
I guess this is technically me.  I had a miscarriage at 7 or 8 weeks a few years ago.  I think I've been more cautious about telling people because of it, but I'm not really more worried than I was my first (completed) pregnancy. 
Names are hard!   For a girl, our name last pregnancy was Laine Sophia.  My mom's favourite aunt Sophie had just died, hence the Sophia.  But we had a boy.    Names on my short list now are: Girl names: Laine Mara (My grandmother is Marilee)   I'm leaning towards a middle name of Heather, since my bff Heather died shortly after I found out I was pregnant.   Boys names: Patrick   With middle name possibilities of James or Steven -- those were...
Hi. I'm pregnant with my second, due June 18th. My first is six now, and was born on June 22nd, so I guess June is my lucky month.
My five year old grinds his teeth! Help!!!! He's done it for years and we remind him to stop when we notice him doing it, and he stops then, but he just does it without realizing it. I bet I notice him doing it 10-15 a day. I will also hear him catch himself and stop. His teeth are terrible and he's already cracked one tooth grinding his teeth -- they had to put in two metal caps because he cracked his two tooth coloured ones ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamatoady To you is the name "Geo" more a girls name, boys name or either? My dad's name is George and we'd like to name our child after him, but I'm not much on the name, however he always signed his name Geo and I rather like that. Thanks, sarah Only a boys name. But I knew a Gio (spelled, um, Gio, I guess that's clear when I'm typing ) who was a guy and never knew any female Geos, so that's why.
I only dress to avoid getting arrested.
when I was nursing I favoured the left and my kidlet favoured the right. we balance each other. : :
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