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Yay chapsie! I knew it would work out for you! Congrats
Awesome, nearlyelated! Congrats
sunshinelove, here it is: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1375220/stubborn-posterior-baby#post_17274870
Chapsie, prayers that you will birth your baby girl as peacefully and naturally as your heart desires. 5 days is a long time, it will happen for you. Stay surrendered, stay happy.   Good luck to all the moms on the verge of birthing.   My due date is tomorrow and I'm rolling along with nary a contraction, feeling just the same as I always did. Which is just as well since my doc (who is completely on board and supportive of my all-natural birth plan) is out of...
Due on the 30th. Peacefully gestating, not in the least feeling birthy. Kind of complacent about the last few things yet to do on my list, I feel like I still have plenty of time.
writinglove So happy for you and your little one, congratulations! What a journey it's been.
Here's another great poem.   Waiting   Dear Baby, here beneath my heart, I thought that you might come today; The timing seemed just right.   But the stars are out And the moon is high And sheepishly I wonder why I try to arrange the plans Of God.   For now I know You will not come Until the One who holds eternity Rustles your soft cocoon And whispers in tones that I will not hear, "It's time, precious gift."   "Now it's time."   ~ Robin...
What a smooth birth in spite of the 4 cm stall! Glad your choices all worked out perfectly. Congrats on your second vbac and your sweet little son.
Mary Cronk's thoughts on early detection of scar problems during VBAC Mary Cronk MBE, has been a midwife since the early 60s and been practicing independently since 1990, has extensive experience of caring for VBAC and HBAC women. She discusses ways she feels she can enhance the safety of such women.   I have had quite a few women with CS scars on my caseload and while the risk of scar problems is low 1% or less in a spontaneous labour it does exist. This woman's...
New Posts  All Forums: