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  nearlyelated - I'm in the exact same place as you - talking with my OB to see if she'll be my backup if I decide to have a hbac. The hospital is just 5 mins away for me too, but my OB said she strongly recommended I birth in a hospital, because the OR is right there and they can take immediate action if needed. But I have a huge hankering for a homebirth and have been researching the risk like crazy. Saw the 6% statistic you referred to on the vbacfacts.com site. My...
Wonderful news Jodie and VYM!   Jodie, so happy you have a boy and can't wait to read your birth story!
I'm so impressed they sent you home! Sounds like you're in terrific hands and they are respecting the timing of your body and babies, exactly like how you wanted. It's all good! Let the babies come when they want to, there's no urgency except in our own minds and expectations. You rest up and take it easy.
I'm going for a vbac too (33 weeks now), and haven't had any ultrasounds this pregnancy. My midwife said she could determine placental position by listening to the sounds on the doppler itself - she located the placenta on top of my uterus, and also listened all over the scar to make sure there were no placental sounds near it.
  That's very insightful about most women making choices that is less likely to get them blamed. It's a many-headed monster, fear, and I'm consciously trying this time to make choices not based on fear. Can relate to everything you said. Very cool, Buko, and kudos - always inspiring to see someone having the courage in being guided by what feels right instead of what everyone else is doing.
Hi Buko,   One thing I admire is how confident you are about your choices - no ultrasounds, doppler, opting for a homebirth, etc. Most women don't get there until they have at least one unpleasant experience with the medical system, and just decide to follow their intuition next time around. What gives you faith in your choices? How do you deal with the fear that others (or your own mind) may throw at you to undermine that?
  Great insight and advice here on worrying about safety:   http://conscious-transitions.com/letting-go/   http://conscious-transitions.com/the-spider-of-anxiety/     dakipode, so good to have you back here and wish you a healthy happy journey ahead.
Hi ladies, checking in after a while and glad to see new posters, congratulations and welcome. Good to see updates from the old ones.   My peaceful pregnancy continues in its essence, but there were quite a few turbulent waves when my OB kicked me out for not doing the 20 week scan. Then followed a week of interviewing other doctors and being very disturbed by how grim and medicalised the whole thing is. Anyway everything happens for a reason and it seems like this...
When you leave the cord pulsing, you are giving your child his or her first autologous stem cell transplant, not to mention, 1/3rd more blood that actually belongs to the baby, and many, many months worth of iron supply.   Even though a major chunk of the cord blood transfer happens over the first 2-3 minutes, the best option would be to let the cord completely stop pulsing before clamping.   Here is a wonderful TEDx talk on the benefits of optimal cord...
Try this prenatal yoga routine that people have found helpful for easing niggling pains during pregnancy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCSFobwvQTg   It's wonderful even to just watch :)
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