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Glad to hear your scan went well and it is still a girl!!  :D   Mine is Monday and I am starting to get nervous.  My measurements have still not evened out and while I know it is still likely 1 baby....  20w and I am measuring 26w.   I told myself I wouldn't worry as long as I didn't start measuring 6 weeks ahead (gulp).  Ahh well, just a few days and I'll know!!!  I swear at my second scan the subchorionic hemmorhage (sch) looked exactly like a second sac in size...
love all the bellies!!  :D
Okay I finally took one (you don't get to see my face because I have a horrible cold right now LOL!    This is 20 weeks:
Oh my goodness, it sure sounds like they are really trying to alienate you, camprunner.  I have MIL issues (she has mental problems) but I am fortunate, as you are, that my husband is supportive of me over the insanity!  LOL  I am thankful we live in a different country because that sometimes doesn't feel like enough of a buffer!  LOL
Yeesh...well that's an easy argument considering BOTULISM...allergies aside a baby can die from eating honey under 1 year old! 
I wonder if you load up on water an hour or so before if it might be better.  I'd be bummed for the same reasons, so I understand!!  One of my pgs I was so super sensitive it was actually painful and that was really frustrating for me too!! 
I don't think your weight gain is a concern...you aren't underweight to start off with and many women lose or only gain 1 lb or so in the first trimester.  So at 19 weeks, 5 weeks into the first trimester at 1 lb per week, you'd be looking at 5-6 lbs weight gain within a normal range.   I too started at a normal weight and lost for the first few months because of morning sickness.  I'm only just passing my starting weight now...I think I might be a lb over my...
Gosh BeanBean that is so scary!  I'm so thankful you got the cerclage in time and that they are being so proactive.  <3  I pray that you will make it farther than you and your Drs ever expect.  Hang in there mama  I'm so thankful you have the support you need!
alaskanmama I have plenty of worries and I think it just comes with experience and knowledge of the things that can go wrong...for me I've had traumatic births so that is what I am worried about.  We had a sch this pg and were basically told baby wouldnt' make it from the start so it's been rough and I don't take anything for granted.  After 2 m/c previously I don't think the anxiety is ever quite gone...but it also makes me thankful and appreciate the miracle that is...
Congrats!!!  :D  I am waiting impatiently for ours...still 3 weeks away as of yesterday!
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