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 How did I miss this message?  My computer is not cooperating today.  LOL   That's awesome to know...honestly I am starting to think that the heartburn may be the cause of my continued suffering.  I've always had problems with it even while not pg, so maybe I'll send hubby to get some Pepcid tomorrow.  It's always worked wonders for me when I've felt bad!  I took it for quite awhile 10 years ago for an ulcer and it helped a lot then too.
LOL see it is supposed to be easy but I mustn't be coordinated enough...I can't seem to manage paying attention to the clock, holding still with the doppler and counting the beats.  It's more than my preggo brain can handle, it seems!  LOL  I couldn't find a second hb today at all...nothing but incredibly loud placental noise on that side again.  So either baby is nestled behind the placenta or there's just one.  I don't think I could tell though if they were close...
I have tried magnesium and for me - no effect, sadly!  I was very desperate during my last pregnancy when I was getting 3+ auras and migraines per day and even waking up with a new one in the middle of the night, for MONTHS.  It was horrible and no one could do anything for me.    However I wouldn't be surprised if chiropractic care would help me.  I haven't been able to afford to go see one or an osteopath since probably 1997 after I had a very bad (horse) riding...
I found the d-limonene on amazon and was reading through the reviews.  Someone mentioned that migraines/cluster headaches are listed as a side effect.  I won't be able to take them then as I have severe migraines with aura.  :S 
I found the lozenges but wow they are expensive at nearly $1 per lozenge...how often do you take them?  I don't know if we can afford that.  :S   My usual Canadian online source had nothing listed for the d-limonene...perhaps you can point me in the right direction?
deleted - crazy repeat post...no idea why?!
  I've never heard of either of those things!  Can you tell me more about them?  The only thing that has helped a tiny bit in the past (but can be difficult to find) is slippery elm lozenges. I will dig around and see if I can find them anywhere...thanks for the suggestions!  I can't take pepcid complete because of the aspartame in it but regular pepcid ac has always helped...I just hate taking medication in general.  :S  Tums do nothing for me!
haha obviously I didn't read the instructions first...I got excited about tator tots!!!   My husband got up early on his one day to sleep in, to get the kids started on their chores & homeschooling...just so I could catch a little more sleep.  Given the crazy hours he's been working that was such a selfless act and I was so touched!  He never complains about the mess or if I am not up to cooking...I am very thankful for his understanding, especially when I'm feeling...
mmm tator tots...that sounds good, too bad it wouldn't sit well!!  LOL  today I was craving confetti bars...ever made those?  melted butter, peanut butter, chocolate chips...then you stir in mini marshmallows and cool.  OMG so good...I am impatiently waiting for them to cool.   no nursery here as baby always stays with us the first couple years!
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