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Yup we have a cold here too!  Our kids know how to be careful with washing hands, touching face, etc. while out...but with 5 kids it just takes one to snag a bug and we're doomed!  LOL   We are planning on getting the flu shot this year which is a very first for us.  :S  However given our circumstances we feel this is the best choice this time around.  While my Mom was sick we stepped back from a lot of outside activities to avoid influenza...so we haven't been...
I second the recommendation.  I've had nothing but reputable experiences with babysteals!
sorry I've been MIA...all is ok but m/s is kicking my butt!    kellykins I wanted to share that homeopathic Arnica 30c really helped with my sch.  I took it for almost 3 weeks every 2-3 days whenever the pain/cramping came back.  It has been fine ever since and my repeat u/s at 9w showed the baby bigger than the sch (it looked a little smaller too but I don't have measurements).  I am 11w now and haven't had bleeding since 5.5w and have been able to slowly increase...
They were awesome seats but yes are long expired!  Sorry I should have added that.
Back when my dd#3 was born we had a fisher price safe embrace infant seat...it had a soft handle and was the narrowest infant seat available.  It was AWESOME.  Unfortunately they were discontinued!
Cari I can tell you the trick of taking floradix (man it's bitter!)...it's the only iron my stomach can take so i've had to find coping strategies!  LOL   Pour a cup of orange juice and dump in the floradix.  Grab a straw, stir well and drink it fast as you continue stirring the end of it (you want to get the bottom stuff first so your last drink is OJ!).   It makes it totally doable!
acne here too...part of mine is worse because I like to lean on my hands when I am sitting at the computer or sleeping!  i am trying to break that habit!   My current skincare consists of cleansing with Cetaphil (gentle/unscented cleanser), followed by dabbing problem areas with witch hazel, and finally Aveeno cream (the regular type without scent or spf or soy).
Oh olive, I am so incredibly sorry to hear of your news.  Prayers for healing and sticky baby very soon.  <3
  Honestly I can't remember when they ended...self preservation I think!  I know it was fairly soon into the 2nd trimester or at least that's what I am hoping.  With my boy the intensity was definitely less but seemed to really linger.   I have such a nasty migraine today that it is just adding to my misery...between the nausea and the headache and feeling dizzy/off from it being a migraine, I've been feeling overwhelmed and kind of weepy.  I'm sure tomorrow will be...
just to let you know Flora (same brand that makes the liquid iron floradix) makes a great calcium / magnesium supp that is a liquid.  I can take it straight because it tastes like OJ.
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