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Don't mention medical/disability issues in the interview unless absolutely unavoidable. While technically they can't discriminate based on that, they can usually find some other reason to go with another candidate. You are within your rights to ask for reasonable accomodations at a later point in time.
Bailey - if it's going to be a while and be a huge inconvenience, take a look at countertop convection ovens. They aren't all that expensive, and good for cooking single dish type things. We use ours regularly despite having a full-size oven - it's more energy efficient for cooking small things, doesn't heat up the house as much in summer, and is useful for things like holiday meals or side dishes that need to be cooked at a different temperature than the main dish.
So, despite all my "I'm all ready", we're now totally scrambling to clothe this baby! I was not expecting a baby over a pound smaller than my others, and had forgotten that 0-3 month didn't actually work well with my others (let alone this peanut!) for a month or so. I'm sure we have some newborn size stuff around somewhere (I didn't get it out beforehand because most of it is very pink), but now I can't find it. DH found a preemie sleeper at a thrift store while he was...
If I don't write it down relatively quickly, I forget everything! 
I have a hard time believing she's so tiny. My others were all 6lb 11oz - one was born several days earlier, another 4 days later, and the third 8 days later - not really enough time to put on more than a pound. We suspect the knot was interfering with circulation.   I've been doing some reading, and see some things that support the idea that poor circulation to the fetus may be a cause of preeclampsia, which could explain why I was starting to show symptoms of that. I...
The day before the birth, we went out for a last thrift store run. We had everything we really needed, but wanted to see if there was anything incredibly exciting. We found a Bumbo chair with tray for $3, so it was worth it.   We decided to go back to a Chinese buffet for lunch, because that's what we did the night before Eira was born. The next day was supposed to be my last day at work, and I really didn't want to go. 12 hour shifts at an active job are pretty rough...
We named her Runa Thorvia H. Turned out Runa was on both DH and my acceptable lists, so we just went with that! She's nursing fantastically, especially for such a little peanut. I'm working on the birth story - still processing a lot. It ended up being quite a different birth from the others, but I think it went exactly as she needed it.
Our baby girl was born at home today. Teeny tiny 5lb9oz, 18.75 inches, no name yet. We are doing well. More details tomorrow or when I get a chance!
 I partially chose homebirth with my last baby for a similar reason. I've met male OBs that I really liked and would be willing to work with, but the fact that there were no female OBs in the area felt a bit too much Good Ol' Boy's network to me. I mean really, only OB hospital within 50 miles, and there are NO female OBs?
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