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S - Soren. That was top of my list if this one had been a boy.
I took a cal-mag-zinc supplement in the dose suggested on the bottle a few times a week throughout the second half of pregnancy (to help with leg cramps). I still had plenty of BH contractions. While I question a little whether it may have contributed to my slow labor, and, doing it over again, I'd skip the dose I took an hour before my water broke, I don't really think it was a major factor.   The dosages given to help preterm labor are MUCH higher than OTC doses...
How does he feel about it, and what level of sharing is he comfortable with? Are you intending to be utterly totally anonymous? If not, there's a good chance his peers will end up seeing it. Even if it is anonymous, someone may end up putting two and two together (I've done this on more than one occasion).
There was another birth before me that was announced on the FB group, but not here yet.
Don't mention medical/disability issues in the interview unless absolutely unavoidable. While technically they can't discriminate based on that, they can usually find some other reason to go with another candidate. You are within your rights to ask for reasonable accomodations at a later point in time.
Bailey - if it's going to be a while and be a huge inconvenience, take a look at countertop convection ovens. They aren't all that expensive, and good for cooking single dish type things. We use ours regularly despite having a full-size oven - it's more energy efficient for cooking small things, doesn't heat up the house as much in summer, and is useful for things like holiday meals or side dishes that need to be cooked at a different temperature than the main dish.
So, despite all my "I'm all ready", we're now totally scrambling to clothe this baby! I was not expecting a baby over a pound smaller than my others, and had forgotten that 0-3 month didn't actually work well with my others (let alone this peanut!) for a month or so. I'm sure we have some newborn size stuff around somewhere (I didn't get it out beforehand because most of it is very pink), but now I can't find it. DH found a preemie sleeper at a thrift store while he was...
If I don't write it down relatively quickly, I forget everything! 
I have a hard time believing she's so tiny. My others were all 6lb 11oz - one was born several days earlier, another 4 days later, and the third 8 days later - not really enough time to put on more than a pound. We suspect the knot was interfering with circulation.   I've been doing some reading, and see some things that support the idea that poor circulation to the fetus may be a cause of preeclampsia, which could explain why I was starting to show symptoms of that. I...
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