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I ended up really enjoying not knowing with my first two. Names are just a hard enough issue with only one to figure out!
It's normal. I hate pregnancy colds.
I had my ultrasound today, and I'm officially on Team Stubborn! I wish we'd been able to narrow down the potential name field, but otherwise adjusting to the idea of having our third surprise.
Well, looks like I'm having another stubborn baby, and I'll be waiting another 18ish weeks to find out!
I never really had any obvious symptoms that early, and my pregnancies have all gone well.
Yeah, I see a lot of other Ergos on craigslist that are reasonably local and probably legit, but I rarely see colors/patterns I want!
Watch out for fake brand name carriers. I found someone local on craigslist selling Ergos for a decent price, but I'm pretty sure they are fake (the patterns are the same that I see in the articles about fakes). And the "decent price" is a huge markup from the typical fake price, though it would be good for a real Ergo. The clips on these are apparently well known for breaking, so it isn't a matter of just getting a knock -off, but an actual safety issue. This is...
With my second pregnancy, all my anxiety dreams involved a boy, and my good dreams were about a girl. She ended up being a girl. This time, I've had one good dream about a boy. Well hopefully find out Thursday.
You can consider my comment supportive, because that's how it was intended. I just got a little ranty.
http://hps.org/publicinformation/ate/faqs/pregnancyandradiationexposure.html says the risk from dental x-rays is not a problem, and the ACOG position is that a single diagnostic x-ray, even to the abdomen, during pregnancy is not a problem, but that alternatives should be chosen if many x-rays, especially those in locations allowing a lot of fetal exposure (abdomen/pelvis), are needed. 
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