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I didn't mean my answer to be the One True Answer or make anyone else wrong or anything. I was just in a hurry on my phone. That's what it was supposed to be about in the DDC when my youngest was born. There's no reason it has to mean that, but it sounds like it's a tradition whose meaning got lost over time! I think it originally got started with Blessingway ceremonies in real life.
I was wondering that, too. Especially since they say it is basically the same as their baby carrier but with different straps.
They're supposed to be a focus thing during labor - a representation of the energy people are sending.
Yeah, I always get leg cramps during pregnancy. This time I've started taking magnesium supplements any time I start to feel a twinge, and that seems to be helping.
I suppose it isn't really that much different than a Bjorn- style carrier.
Jets can be difficult to get truly clean. That's the main drawback I know of. If they aren't actually required for use of the tub, you could just seal them off before filling. Or you can google around for instructions on sterilizing them.
To do: Get the three year old moved in with the seven year old Get hot tub installed and working Everything else (this includes a lot, but most of it not directly baby related) Stay sane   To buy/on registry: Infant car seat Jogging stroller Ergo or similar carrier Pump? and associated supplies (I'm undecided what I will do with pumping. Between excess lipase problems and not having produced well for the pump in the past, I'm just not sure how it will work. But...
I started poking around at a registry today, stumbled across this: http://www.amazon.com/Diego-Bebe-Deluxe-Nursing-Pillow/dp/B004SCDS9Q/, and thought it might be fun to have a thread for the strange products we find.   (Anything that encourages nursing is great, but that just strikes me as odd!)   And then there's the Anti-Radiation maternity (and other) clothing... http://www.amazon.com/gp/browse.html?ie=UTF8&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&me=A2PJRI9QO3K584   (The...
I finally announced on FB, now that the baby has announced it's fetus-name (see my post on the dream thread. Sorry baby, if MoeJoe is your real name, I think you're out of luck). I was thinking about waiting until the big ultrasound (January 2nd) like last time, or maybe Christmas, but my brother's baby is due any time now, and announcing soon after that seems like stealing his thunder.   Back when I was approx. 1.5 weeks pregnant (in other words, hadn't actually...
OMG. Best pregnancy dream ever. I went to a hospital to have the baby. For some reason the maintenance guys from work were there, and thought they had to fill the tub with concrete. I'm all, "WTF? Don't you guys do this all the time? The birth tub is kind of a big draw for the hospital." Anyways, they got the concrete cleaned out, and the birth ended up being absolutely perfect. In the dream, I watched it afterwards as a birth video. It was beautiful, set to Oh Holy...
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