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I requested as well (Jessica L.)
 I would think so, but this has been an ongoing thing through 4 pregnancies now, and there have been numerous other people who didn't realize until I said something. I just don't get a cute round obviously-pregnancy belly, but one that looks like a standard non-pregnant big belly.  I think it's obvious, and totally ridiculous that people can't tell, but reality doesn't seem to agree with me.
I agree that it's poorly worded, and a little on the victim-blaming side without addressing WHY people feel the need to do this. Labor is seen as something with a time limit. Once it starts, you have to make it work within a certain length of time. If you don't pay attention to how close together the contractions are coming, you might not make it to the hospital or call the midwife in time. Etc, etc. And often this pressure is very real (if unnecessary) - many care...
Mine broke before contractions started with all three. Big unmistakable gush with all of them. All three times it was around 5:00AM when moving around in bed, and all three times it was on a bed obtained less than a month previously, which I suppose is kind of funny. There's a reason I have bed pads on my shopping list this time around! Or maybe I'll just sleep in Depends after 36 weeks or so.   In one case I'd say I was in active labor 6 hours later - occasional painful...
 I totally agree with this. The only way I can see it being a bigger problem than standard sexual activity is if someone had particularly long fingernails or if they tried to force things for some reason and ignored pain signals.
 Thank you! This totally resonates with me. When I was a teenager, I figured out some sort of self-hypnosis thing where, with adequate focus, I could actually hear the music playing in my head - not just singing it in my head, but like a recording. I can see that working during labor. I tried HypnoBabies last time, and, while I felt it helped, there are some things that really turned me off of it. I've been considering trying out some of the random labor hypnosis tracks on...
I chose 13, but realized after choosing that it was actually late 12. Oh well!   I had a grandmother who got hers at 9, so my mom talked to me about it by the time I was 8 or so.
I had a PIS with my second, and it didn't work all that well for me - the manual ISIS was much more effective. But that was years ago and it was secondhand, so may have needed some tuning up, and they may have improved since then.
I was started up again on coffee after morning sickness eased, but decided to give it up again because it just wasn't sitting right. I feel SOOOO much better - the weird bloated yucky feeling I've had entirely disappeared. I can't say for sure if it was the coffee, or significant reduction in dairy, or just pregnancy progressing, or a combo of the above, but now coffee doesn't even smell appealing.   I'm still drinking black tea, though.
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