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We have not vaccinated and lived in California, Arizona, and Texas where getting the exemption papers seemed to be easy. I've just moved to Oregon and am having a bit of a difficult time finding what I need here.
I'm not sure exactly what to do anymore. DS will fuss and whine but will NOT go to sleep until around 12-1!!! >_< I've tried starting at different times, I breastfeed, I rock him, I've held him close, I've tried giving me a sippy cup (milk or water) and he just throws it at the wall... I'm starting to run out of patience. PLEASE give me any advice - tia.
I'm not sure where the line is drawn between babe and toddler - but my son has seriously been early on EVERYTHING (Teething at 4 months. Walking at 7). And I have been told by everyone and reading everywhere that once they are stable at walking that it's a good time to start. He learns ridiculously fast too... Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has potty trained their child early? And what age they were/what you did etc.
My son is 12.5 months and when he pinches/bites/hits me I pretend to cry for a little bit and then grab his hand and lightly brush my face with it and say "gentle" "love mommy" etc. When he does it to dogs/cats/other people/other babies I grab his hand and gently say "no, be gentle" and call me crazy but I proceed to fully and extremely to every extent explain to him why he needs to be gentle (this is partly to develop his speech better too haha) but it could also be...
We co-sleep but the night feedings are driving me insane - I have seriously not had a span of more then 3 hours of sleep for over a year now. DS is 12 months and still feeds AT LEAST 3-4 times a night. I NEED sleep - I am just no longer functioning AT ALL. Any suggestions on what I can do???
Are there any mama's out here??? I just moved back and can't seem to find any like-minded mama's
Quote: Originally Posted by Emmeline II -For a religious exemption you need to be "against the practice of vaccination". If you give your reasons to be against vaccinations as: "I'm against vaccination because they use aborted fetal cells" - This is a philosophical reason. "I'm against pre-marital sex and some vaxes are for sexually transmitted diseases." This is a philosophical reason. Again, you have to be against the the practice of...
Quote: Originally Posted by LeslieB Here ya go: Exemption Form Request And, wow, it's online now. Thanks! Should get to me in at least 2 weeks
Quote: Originally Posted by LeslieB We used to be at Hood. My DS saw Dr. Ali at the Family and Children's Clinic in Harker Heights. She was fine with us not vaxing. I even had one of the nurses come up to me and say, "That's fine you don't vaccinate. We have a lot of people who don't." Texas is so easy to get your exemption form. I sent my information away and had the forms in exactly a week. I never needed to use them, but I got them anyway, just in...
Emmeline WOW Thank you so much! I don't know - she probably does think he'll "catch" something. Which I would hope not since they pump them full of drugs right before they leave! (UGH!)
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