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Definitely!!! Congrats!!
I believe so.   I absolutely LOVE Casting Crowns. Their lyrics are right on target.  
I`m sorry, it really sounds like a tough move. I am also living abroad in my DH`s country so I know it`s a big decision. Finding a place of your own and having your own car as soon as possible is a great idea. It sure is really stressful. The only way you won`t take it out on your son is by reducing your own stress level. Try relaxing whenever you can. Go for long walks with your DS in a stroller, eat ice cream :) Whatever helps you to stay relaxed. Hope your move...
27 with my first. Energy levels are steadily declining with #2 and #3 at 30 and 33 years old.  
Hi Congratulations!! I was still nursing when #2 came along and still nursing #2 when I found out about the third. They both were about a 1 and a half though.   I`m pretty certain your DS` diarrhea isn`t related to the change in your milk. But for some people milk supply does diminish after about 16 weeks (I think that`s when I started noticing that I had less milk)  How far along are you? Just watch your son`s wet diaper output and go from there.   And...
As a mother of three I can totally relate. From what you describe it sounds totally normal, though. As a random thought: have you tried elevating his head? My little girl sleeps much better with a safe pillow under her head. That is, if I can transition her from my lap to her bed LOL. As for transitioning, try gently pressing his chest with you hand for a few second when he begins to fuss. That sometimes helps them settle back to sleep somehow. Sometimes. :)
How did I not notice all the posts on my own thread?? Thank you everyone for your replies. DD is now 9 months old but we still struggle. To my shame I never ended up eliminating all dairy. We did the allergy testing at 7 months. They tested for a wide variety of major allergens. All came back negative. I cautiously added back dairy/soy into my diet. She still has low weight gain and the occasional mucus in her poo. She loves solids but I have been very cautious...
And how did the world survive before formula??  
I have never taken prenatals with either of my pregnancies. ( I have three children). I only take folic acid while pregnant and try to eat a balanced diet.
I grew up in Eastern Europe. Mom didn`t have any milk so she gave me cows milk mixed with russian tea (black tea) until someone told her to stop and give me formula. Remarkably I have no allergies and am as strong as it gets. My aging, alcoholic Grandpa used to babysit me when I was about 2 years old while Mom worked. Mom would sometimes find me with suspiciously red cheeks. Yes, he`d been giving me wine. I do believe I turned out OK though:)
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