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Jenny, I have a two month old little girl and she is my third. All my life I`ve been prone to anxiety/panic attacks and I`m not doing so well either. Not taking anything at the moment but I always feel better after a nice, long walk. Fresh air, sunshine and eating a well-balanced diet always helps me. That and my faith that God knows my situation. It also helps to try and look at my situation when I`m feeling well. Then I remind myself when my heart starts to race...
When we got pregnant with our first we were VERY BROKE. We hardly had any money, just starting school and moving to another country. That baby is now 6 years old and the joy of our life (plus the other two who came along after:) Your emotions are very normal, I was freaking out as well. But, after three kids, while I am not exactly the same weight as before, I`m by no means fat or undesirable. My hubby can consent to that:) Take a deep breath, it will be fine. A few...
I don`t live in the States and not sure what`s available here..:(  
I guess that is true. I`ve also heard other moms say that losing weight after the third was really hard. I`m not much of a runner but I do like to walk so I`ll do that. You are right though, getting some exercise with three kids requires someone at home. Even when I do get out with my kiddos they stop everywhere so I don`t feel like I`m making any progress..
I know this has probably been discussed many times but here it  goes. I am the proud mother of 3 kids and the youngest one is just 2 months old. I breastfed the older ones and now BF the baby on demand as well.  With my older kids I quickly returned to pre-pregnancy weight and then lost some more. I gained much more this pregnancy than with the previous two and now I`m not losing much of the extra weight either. I`m not impatient but after the initial few pounds I...
My doctor recommended the flu shot during this pregnancy. I didn`t and eventually ended up with the flu. It wasn`t pleasant.  
Still here. Technically, not overdue. Tomorrow is my DD. I`ve never gone this long, both my other kids came a bit early. Waiting is very frustrating, I must say..  
Glad I`m not the only one still waiting. Will be 38 weeks tomorrow but hoping babe will come sooner. Lots of twinges and cramps/contractions. I get cramps in my legs and I`m afraid I might fall if it cuts me off guard. Oh, the joys of pregnancy:)
So, I`ve been in awe with all the wonderful babes born lately. However, my due date is still two weeks away. Yikes. 2 weeks. Anyone else?
Just WOW!!! Congrats and welcome little girl!!  
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