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Hmm. I really wonder if this whole issue isn`t about homeschooling or not. Sounds like your DH is lonely and needs companion. Does he have any friends? I know you`ve just moved there but does he have someone he talks to on the phone or through skype? His illness must be very isolating. Is he able to join some sort of club or group so he can have some social time with others? I`m guessing he wouldn`t be satisfied even with the kids out of the house. Sounds like he needs...
If it`s just about food, I would address that question first. Is she still hungry after dinner? I would honestly give her very healthy options for food if she gets hungry at night. If she is sneaky about other things as well, I would think it has more to do with defiance/disobedience. Kids like to test limits. You specifically told her not to go into the kitchen and she agreed. Explain to her that you cannot trust her unless she keeps her promises.  
I`m so sorry for your loss. I have been there and it sucks. Take very good care of yourself.
I`m not on the list. Due May 30th, but both of my kiddos were born at 39 weeks 2 days. Only God knows:)
I wish I could help but I`m also struggling with the same issue. We have two kids ages 5 and 2 years old and I`m also 8 months pregnant with #3. I sleep between the two kids and DH sleeps on the bottom of our bunk bed. We originally bought the bunk bed for the kids but they rarely sleep in it. We sleep on a double sized futon mattress with another single one attached to it. At least, they kids don`t fall off the bed. Ideally, I would like to put my 5-year-old son in...
I didn`t take any medication though in hindsight I should have done something about my depression. I would`ve been able to enjoy the baby stage much more. About the vivid memories: there is a LOT that we choose not to remember from our childhood. The fact that these feelings are coming back so powerfully means that you haven`t really dealt with those emotions/fears. Talking to a counselor may help you sort through those feelings.
Yes, I agree, you need to let your doctor know about what`s going on. They can help you. There is therapy/medication that can ease your symptoms. I do however think that past abuse can affect us in weird ways. I have read that moms who have been abused/molested in childhood can be afraid of touching their babies for the same reasons you are. They think their touches are inappropriate when in fact that is not the case at all. PPD can show itself in many ways. For me...
My kids had ridiculously high fever when I was in my first trimester. They were both miserable and fever reducers didn`t work. Thankfully, I didn`t get it. I did have the flu though about a month ago with moderate fever. I was given some meds for the fever but otherwise they didn`t want to see me for fear of infecting their other patients. Hope your kiddos feel better soon and that you won`t get sick.
I`m supposed to be on bed rest as well. But with 2 kids that`s a tough one. My dear, wonderful husband has been helping a lot but he`s been gone a lot for work lately. There are good days and bad ones. On good days I get laundry and a little cleaning, cooking done. On bad ones...well, almost nothing. Today I had so many contractions my stomach felt like one hard basketball for hours on end. Drinking a lot of water..I always forget. I do drink quite a bit, but I don`t...
This is my third pregnancy and I tested positive for Group B Strep all three times. They always test here in the second trimester though. Never occurred to me that a lot could change between the second trimester and birth. But, hey, this is not my country and I`ve been going along with whatever I`m told.
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