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GREAT title. I'm glad to have inspired you just a little bit! Keep writing! :
I've been reading your blog for the past few weeks, and you crack me up. ^__^ Too bad we chose the same WP template. It's rather disconcerting. I end up doing double takes a lot. "Did I write that? No. It's Smokering's blog . . " My template is going to change too.
How about "It's what you've got" as in "it's what you've got that matters"? Other suggestions: A simple tune Diary of a Commune Mom Simple [Living] Ain't That Simple I just rattled some off the top of my head. You might not like any of them. ^__^ *shrug*
I really love your blog, your writing style, and will continue to read it. Thanks for sharing. The layout and everything's great. I especially LOVE your post about having faith, letting go of fear-based actions, and going for what you want. It's exactly what I needed to read. Thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by hollyvangogh PS: What's IPT (in your siggy)? Infant Potty Training aka Elimination Communication aka Natural Infant Hygiene. There's a lot of names for it. ^__^ This whole issue really made me take a step back and think about my blog, you know? I have my real name, my son's name, our real pictures. I've thought about taking those all down and using just my first name or a pen name to be safe on the...
That's what happened to a lot of people who flocked to one woman's blog about her pregnancy with an infant diagnosed with a terminal illness while in utero. According to this woman's fictional account, she chose not to terminate and planned a home birth and wrote that her baby had died shortly afterward. When one of her loyal blog readers saw the picture she posted of her "baby" she was found to be a liar. The baby's face was recognized as a molded plastic--Her loyal...
You did such a beautiful job! Thanks for all the links! Very helpful.
How about "Mother in Motion" or "Mama in Motion"? Your summary of yourself and the way you're writing suggests to me that you're not sedentary in life or in thoughts. Or "Musings of a Poor, Pagan, Vegetarian, College Student Mother" . . . which seems altogether too much. Anyways, I'm super interested in reading your blog. PM me with your URL! I'm also working on trying to name my blog. See the link in my siggy.
Hey, welcome! I'm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It's nice to see another mama from my home state! ^__^
Quote: Originally Posted by BellaRose0212 I am 19 and I breastfeed. I think it is 100% easier. I co-sleep and don't even wake up at all when my DD decides to nurse (but co-sleeping might not be a good idea for her if she is on any drugs, alcohol, or even over-the-counters after baby is born- if this is a possibility the arm's reach might be a good suggestion). You can also point out that there will be no daily washing of bottles and containers, mixing of...
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