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http://www.midwiferytoday.com/articles/ultrasoundrodgers.asp http://www.pnas.org/content/103/34/12903.full   Here are a couple of articles. I am still trying to find the one I recently came across.
This is my 4th child. I have only had one ultrasound ever and that was with baby #1. I don't do dating ones because I believe baby will come when baby is ready and we don't like to find out the sex and my midwife would let me know if she thought something indicated having an ultrasound done. I also worry about some of the new research that shows too many ultrasounds can possibly cause ADD and ADHD.    
We are planning on telling people about this baby in our Christmas card. However, last night I was talking to my mom and I accidently slipped the news that I am pregnant. I said, oops you were suppose to find out in our Christmas card. And she said well I am glad I am prepared now. Then, she kind of laughed and said she was glad it was me and not her. I asked her why she did not seem very excited. She said she did not realize we were going to have more children. This is...
Hi!!   My name is Lisa and I am pregnant with baby #4!! I have three girls who are 15, 6 and 19 months. I got my BFP on November 30. This baby will be born at home. We live in Texas. My husband is a computer programmer and I am a placenta encapsulation specialist.
I have heard this statistic a lot and can't find the links to verify the information. Does anyone have it? The quote is: "More babies die EVERY YEAR from circumcision in the United States than those who die from choking, car accidents, SIDS or suffocation." Thanks, Lisa
Quote: Originally Posted by Peace+Hope georgetown, that your baby crawled at 3 months! mine still isn't rolling over, heh. do you live in georgetown, dc? Crazy huh? My middle daughter was the same way and took her first steps at 7 months. She is still constantly on the go. No, I don't live in Georgetown DC. I live in Georgetown, Texas which is about 20 miles north of Austin. How is everyone's baby sleeping? Heidi is all over the...
My baby was born on April 16th. She was the same way. She started crawling at 3 months, could sit very well be 4 months, and started pulling herself up on the furniture just shy of 5 months. My middle daughter was the same way and took her first steps the day she turned 7 months. Never had a problem with her hips. Lisa
Hi All, I have not posted for several months. Been super busy chasing these 3 kids around. I did not know going from 2 to 3 would be so time consuming! Anyway, Heidi is doing fantastic! She wants to be just like her big sisters so she is developing by leaps and bounds. She started crawling at 3 months and started pulling herself up on my furniture right before she turned 5 months. I found her standing in her crib after her nap one day. She has 2 teeth. She still sleeps...
I posted a bunch for sale in the trading post section. Midwifery, birth and breastfeeding books. Thanks, Lisa
Quote: Originally Posted by eclipse Well, I agree with the others that you should stop the cereal. Even if she really is ready for solid food, there are much better choices than cereal, esp for babies who are underweight. If she really want's to "eat" something while you guys eat, you might try slushy breastmilk or something like that. I'm not a stickler for the 6 month rule, myself, but it really doesn't sound like your dd is ready. Now, on to my...
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