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Quote: Originally Posted by sparklefairy Is she pooping? Yes, she is pooping at least a little bit with almost every diaper change. Lisa
I have a 4 day old baby and she seems to want to nurse all the time. She will nurse for about 10 minutes on one side, then fall asleep and suck a few more times in her sleep. She will sleep about 20 minutes and then wake up and be rooting again. Is this normal behavior? She is having a good amount of wet diapers so I am assuming she is getting milk. I am exhausted though and wondering when she will fall more into a normal feeding pattern. Lisa
My baby was born Friday night. Milk is in. She has a great suck and the right side seems to be ok. Some soreness with latch on but not toe curling like the left side. Now on the left side I am having some cracking and a little bleeding and it is getting more painful. So, much so that I am avoiding that side. Should I keep avoiding that side or try to keep getting her to have a better latch on that side? Thanks, Lisa
I live in Georgetown and just had my 3rd baby. I am needing some help with my baby's latch. The right side seems to be ok but the left is, YIKES OUCH. Any recommendations? Lisa
My beautiful 3rd daughter was born April 16th at 10:19pm. She was suppose to be born at home but we ended up going into the hospital and she was born 20 minutes after we arrived. I had been in labor all day. Everything was fine, progressing normally. Labor was very similar to my 2nd daughter's labor who was born at home. I spent a lot of time in the shower and at about 8pm I was fully dilated and pushing some. At that point contractions were very intense. I was standing...
I had my baby!!! Baby girl #3 was born last night at 10:19pm after a long labor. She weighs 7lbs 15oz and is 20 inches long. We still have not decided on a name. Birth story to follow later. Lisa
I am a homebirth midwife and we take the clamps off at the 24 hour visit. You can cut the end of it with a pair of small wire cutters and then it will open up and you can remove it. There is no harm in taking it off after 24 hours has passed. Lisa
Pregnant with baby #3. First DD came at 38 weeks and 2 days and second DD came at 38 weeks and 4 days. I am now 40+1 weeks. Why does this baby not want to come out? I keep telling myself to trust my body, trust my baby etc. but I am getting frustrated and worried that something is wrong. I have been having lots of menstrual type cramping and contractions here and there for about two weeks but it never goes anywhere. I thought first babies were suppose to be the late ones...
I am so here with you, except on the opposite side. We have two girls. Baby #3 will make an appearance at any moment. We don't know the sex but we have been bombarded with "it has to be a boy" comments. It is driving me crazy! People are so consumed with what is between the baby's legs and that is it. I am secretly almost hoping that this baby is another girl, just to show them that we would be thrilled with another girl. My friends and I attend dinner together twice a...
Sorry, if TMI but this is annoying. The last couple of days I feel like I have to go #2 all the time. I go to the bathroom and rarely does anything happen. I think I am pretty empty all ready. This baby is just sitting really low? Anyone else feeling major pressure on their bowels? Lisa
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