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baby #4 Jan 12.
This is #4, but I remember freaking out about #3, and I'm a little freaked out this time too.  My mom had four kids! Am I really to this stage already?  How do I control everyone?  How do we go anywhere?  Is getting in the car going to take forever now? (Not like it doesn't already lol)  I'm actually most worried about the 2 year old.  He'll be 2.5 when the baby comes, and he's been our most spoiled baby. :)  I'm worried he won't handle not being the baby anymore very...
I do that quite often in the beginning of pregnancy.  I think I need to make sure I'm eating more often and drinking LOTS more.
We have found out with all 3 so far, so we want this one to be a surprise!  
I'm actually still feeling really great.  I do get tired easily and when I'm hungry I have to eat NOW.  I always got hungry at 4, but didn't want to eat because I would be starting dinner so soon.  Finally I decided just to eat before I started dinner, and it was a great decision.  My husband is no longer afraid of me when he gets home. :D I'm not exactly pleasant when I'm hungry.  I'm only 5 weeks but I'm showing.  I kind of hate it because I know the baby is the size...
Do you work or stay home?   I'm a SAHM and part time doula.
Did it take long to get pregnant?   Took me 3 months this time.  (business trips and stomach flu ruined our first few chances!)
I had 2 hospital (epidural) births, but I really didn't care or know much about birth back then.  They went pretty well all things considered. My third was a home birth and it was incredible.  I'm doing that again for sure! 
These first few weeks are so strange, aren't they?  Knowing you are pregnant, but not feeling it.  It's only been two years, but I really can't remember when I started feeling sick.  Anyone have favorite natural remedies for it?
My kids are going to be so excited and I'm dying to tell them.  I'm waiting for a few reasons. 1. in case of heartbreak. 2. because they'll tell everyone.  3.  because they'll ask me ever single day if the baby is coming yet.   I think I'll wait until just before we hear the heartbeat, because I want to get a video of that for how we'll tell the rest of the family. But I keep wondering if we should wait until we actually do hear the heartbeat.   As for the rest...
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