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Oh no! I am so sorry mama ~ I will be holding your family in my thoughts. Wishing you peace.
Subbing. My 3 year old has very low muscle tone, and some sort of connective tissue disorder (not yet diagnosed), as well as being legally blind. She has a lot of the same delays your daughter does; she can't jump or hop at all, is unbalanced and weak, can't walk up stairs, etc.  She just aged out of EI, so we're not getting weekly PT anymore, but she is in a great pre-school were she is very active all day.  We just try to keep her active, and practice the things that...
Ack! I feel you - my daughter turned 3 on Sunday, and we invited pretty much everyone we know with kids (wtf were we thinking?!) and I decided to make her a rainbow cake. Once we realized that 50 people were coming (!) I had to make a batch of cupcakes too. We pulled it off, but I was wiped out, and it was so big that it totally overwhelmed our poor daughter, so she had a meltdown in the middle of the party and we had to retreat to my room for almost an hour. She rallied...
I don't have any other advice - you have gotten some really good tips! I just wanted to say that neither of my 2 girls nursed themselves to sleep; they would nurse until they were done, then be alert and calm for a while, then drift off to sleep.  I kind of wished they would fall asleep nursing, so I could have a surefire way of getting them to sleep, but it wasn't to be.  So it's possible that your new baby won't be a nurse-to-sleep baby, and you'll be off the hook....
Beautiful! we miss you, but you should definitely take this time and enjoy your family!
We do vax, except for Hep B. I am very comfortable with our choice.
Just some hugs - that sounds so hard! But you are a strong and awesome mother for working so hard to give your babe the best start - I hope it works out!
For about the first 2 weeks Ruby June slept like a dream, but this last week has been awful! What's that about, is there a 3 week growth spurt or sleep regression or something?! She slept well last night, because she was awake all.day.long! She wouldn't sleep at all, which meant I couldn't put her down at all to get anything done. Finally my brain kicked in and I dug out the Moby. That calmed her down and she finally fell asleep.  But it's hit or miss, and I am worried...
Congratulations! He is sooo cute, and you look gorgeous for just having given birth!  Your pictures on FB are amazing!
I'm glad you got some abx, that sounds so painful! And I agree with Becky, I would at least have a follow-up visit to make sure everything is clearing up. A good friend of mine ended up hospitalized with an abscess in her breast from ignoring a plugged duct too long - I would hate for that to happen to you.
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